If you have been charged a drug crime in Fort Lauderdale, you’ll likely lose your driving privileges if convicted.

If you were recently charged with a drug crime in Fort Lauderdale FL, you are probably trying to figure out what penalties these types of charges carry with them given you are convicted of the crime. While most drug possession charges result in a person having to serve time in jail and pay a significant amount in fines, they also cause an offender to lose their driving privileges. That is why anyone who has been charged with possession of marijuana, cocaine, or any other type of controlled substance needs to retain a drug crimes attorney who can defend their rights and reduce the chances of them being hit with the maximum penalties the crime carries with it.


How long will I lose my driving privileges for if I am convicted of a drug crime?


According to Florida Statute §322.055, after a person who is 18 years of age or older is convicted of a drug crime, their driver’s license shall be revoked, or their driving privileges shall be suspended depending on the degree of the crime they have been found guilty of committing. The period of revocation shall last one year, or until the offender completes a drug treatment and rehabilitation program that has been approved or regulated by the Department of Children and Families.

Now, there are instances where the court may permit an offender to drive but only for business or employment purposes. It is at the discretion of the court who receives this privilege so if you are looking to increase your chances of being able to continue driving so that you can work, you will need an aggressive and well-versed drug crime lawyer in Fort Lauderdale, FL defending you. Gabriela C. Novo is one attorney in Fort Lauderdale, FL who has experience with defending those who have been charged with a drug crime. You can contact her office at 954-822-5198 to find out how she can help you.

After having your license suspended for six months, you can “petition the department for restoration of [your] driving privileges on a restricted or unrestricted basis depending on the length of suspension or revocation.”


What happens to my license if it was already suspended at the time of my arrest for drug possession?


Charged with a drug crime? Don’t wait to retain a criminal defense attorney.

In the event you were convicted of a drug crime in Fort Lauderdale, FL during the time your driver’s license was suspended, the court will extend your suspension period by an additional year or until you complete a drug treatment and rehabilitation program that has been approved or regulated by the Department of Children and Families given the court requires this. During the time your license is suspended, you may request that the court grant you permission to use your vehicle for business or employment purposes.

If you are looking to reduce your chances of being convicted of a drug crime or you were arrested for a different type of crime, don’t wait to contact Fort Lauderdale, FL criminal defense attorney Gabriela C. Novo so she can begin working on your case.


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