Will I be charged with drug trafficking if I am caught with Oxycodone in Fort Lauderdale Florida?



It is important to identify the difference between legal personal use of Oxycodone with a doctor prescription, then to have it available for use by persons who do not have a prescription or for illegal sale.  Contact a criminal attorney who can help if you are charged with criminal drug-related activities in Fort Lauderdale.

Seriousness of Drug trafficking.

Drug trafficking is a serious drug offense in Fort Lauderdale Florida often resulting in felony charges. Trafficking is a first-degree felony charge and includes the possession, sale, purchase, manufacture or delivery of controlled or illegal  substances.  As a means of addressing America’s opioid crisis, a recent Florida law went into effect imposing some of the tightest opioid prescription restrictions in the Country. Physicians are limited to a three-day supply for patients with acute pain. Only those who meet certain criteria will be allowed to receive the drug for up to seven days. Physicians and pharmacists also must consult with the state’s database and review patient history on prescribing and will be required to take continuing education courses on responsible opioid prescription.

In order to be found guilty of drug trafficking, it must be proven that you have the amount and means to sell on the street.  If you are found guilty of drug trafficking in Florida, it will most likely stay on your permanent criminal record unless there are some special agreed upon circumstances between you, through legal counsel, and the State of Florida.  If you are charged with drug trafficking, it is imperative that you hire the most competent lawyer to assist you because you will need to have some type of strategy to get a plea deal to lessen your charges so that you can have a criminal record sealed or removed (expunged) in the future.


Oxycodone is a pain medication that is available only by prescription. It is derived from certain poppy plants and works in a similar way as heroin. Oxycodone is used in certain brand name drugs called OxyContin, Percodan (Oxycodone & aspirin); and Percocet (Oxycodone & paracetamol). It is considered to be a Schedule II substance like morphine, and cocaine.


If you have a prescription for Oxycodone or oxycodone-based drugs, and are not selling them, or distributing them to others, then the drug is not illegal to have.  However, if you are found to have Oxycodone on your person and you do not have a prescription for it, you can still have serious charges placed against you that could lead to jail time from 1-5 years, along with criminal fines and a record depending on the way the case plays out in Broward County Florida.  If you are convicted for having Oxycodone without a prescription, the possibility of property being confiscated from you, either money from drug sales, or cars used to transport drugs can occur.  Sometimes convictions can restrict you from living or being near school zones, carrying firearms, and losing Federal benefits such housing loans, or student loans.  Drug crimes can lead to very serious legal penalties.

Seek qualified legal counsel.

Hiring a competent lawyer to assist you with any drug-related charges that are brought against you is a matter of keeping you from going to jail and having a criminal record. Each case is unique, and the circumstances need to be reviewed by an attorney specializing in these types of charges.  The law offices of Michael D. Weinstein, P.A.in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, may help with a successful strategy that may keep you from criminal charges leading to a record in the State of Florida.

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