The Chicago Tribune has recently recognized this day as one of the deadliest among all in the last 13 years. On Monday, August 8, 2016, 19 people were shot in the city of Chicago, of which nine of those individuals were killed. The report compares the day to that of July 5, 2003, when 10 homicides occurred in Chicago. While guns have become a major controversy nationwide, it appears this is perhaps only contributing to why many disagree with the allowance of being able to carry a gun. Criminal defense attorneys in Chicago, Illinois are here to shed light on the breaking story that will now go down in history.

With 19 individuals shot and 9 killed, August 8th is forever going to be remembered as a tragic day in history.

Monday was like any other day where innocent individuals were doing what they normally do. One little boy was playing outside in front of his home while another man was simply sitting on his porch. An abrupt outbreak of gun violence occurred all throughout the city of Chicago yet the cause of all this is yet to be identified. However, the Chicago Tribune did pay special attention to one case involving Tavon Tanner, 10, who was shot in his back, and almost lost his life. Tanner was playing on his porch with his twin sister when gun shots broke out. As he attempted to run inside, he was struck in the back and taken down to the ground.


Criminal defense lawyers in Chicago note that nine gun shots were fired in front of Tanner’s home. The young child pleaded for help as he stated, “I can’t breathe” and was pounding the ground with his fists as he struggled to endure the agonizing pain he was experiencing. His mother, aunt, and sister all were there by his side as this traumatic event unfolded, and eventually a police sergeant ran to the porch to provide assistance. Criminal defense attorneys in Illinois note that the officer ran to his squad car where he produced a first aid bag and applied gauze to the wound as they awaited the arrival of the paramedics.

Tanner was transported to Mount Sinai hospital where he received four hours’ worth of surgery. “The bullet damaged his pancreas, kidney and spleen as it entered his lower back and lodged in his chest.”

Chicago defense attorneys also point out that “more than 2,500 people have been shot in the city so far this year,” and this increasing amount of gun violence is not something the city has seen since the late 1990’s.

As police search for the criminals who brought upon such tragedies, it may not be surprising to find some being wrongfully accused.

Now, as police attempt to discover who is responsible for causing the multiple homicides that occurred that day, perhaps another issue that comes into play is being wrongfully accused. With the location of where all this violence has broken out, many individuals find they are accused or suspected of committing a crime they simply had no involvement with.

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