A criminal defense attorney in Oklahoma is your best option if you have been charged with a crime in Tulsa and wonder what penalties you may face.


Exacting criminal defense work.

Attorney Rob Henson is a legal professional in Tulsa Oklahoma who is fastidious in his representation of criminal defense work for his clients.  He purposely carries a lower client load so that he can give the individual attention necessary to win a criminal case in the best interests of his clients.  It is important to be selective in the choice of legal representation when you are accused of a crime that can strip you of your basic freedoms, and ruin your future goals.  Attorney Henderson will fight for his client’s rights with professionalism, passion and intensity to make sure there may be a hopeful future after a formal accusation for criminal activity has been constructed.

Experience and exposure.

When working a criminal law case, it is imperative for counsel to be familiar with every available avenue of defense in the state where the crime was allegedly committed.  He attended law school at the University of Tulsa College of Law and worked as a judicial intern for the Honorable Dana L. Kuehn, currently a judge on the Oklahoma Court of Criminal Appeals, after which he decided to focus his practice on Oklahoma criminal defense. The keys to his successful track record are his priority to individual attention to each case through limiting the number of clients he will defend, cultivating professional alliances, strong research and writing skills, and his exposure to criminal trial court tactics.

Case diversity.

The diversity of cases Attorney Henson has tried cover charges of sexual abuse on children, drug trafficking, falsely impersonating a police officer, distribution of drugs, public intoxication, illegal handling of a firearm, domestic violence, expungement and aggravated assault and battery, to name a few.  His record supports strong definitive steps to secure freedoms for each client, based on his evaluation of their situation and the defenses available in the prescribed legal venue.  In the face of steep charges that could yield being stripped of liberty, the truth sometimes serves as a strong force among those legal defenses.  Case diversity demands intense current research that ensures a quick and thorough grasp on the professional legal arguments available for successful criminal defense lawyers.

Trial experience.

Secure the knowledge of the amount of cases an attorney has tried, and how many of those were jury trials.  This is the key to recognizing the strength of your defense attorney in a criminal proceeding.  Trial work is a true test to the merits of a skilled criminal defense attorney.  Case evaluation tools including the experience to identify a weak case at the outset is also an earmark of a successful attorney with significant criminal law experience.  The criminal offenses are clear as the breach of law that needs defending, but methods to defend, and interests of the alleged criminal versus interests of the prosecutors needs to be taken into consideration for successful trial actions as well.

Contact Attorney Henson.

Attorney Rob Henson is transparent in the cases he has tried, supporting his successful track record.  Call his office for an initial consultation so he may identify the best options to a clear defense strategy against the specific criminal charges filed against you.

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