Retaining the services of a criminal defense lawyer carries a number of advantages. Whether the incident involved drug possession, theft, a physical conflict, vehicular offense, or any other area of the criminal law, a lawyer with experience in the local courts has a number of ways they can help. Retaining a lawyer instead of fighting the state alone can be a huge difference. There are many changes in the life of someone with a permanent criminal record and its consequences, including jail time, versus a person who can avoid the criminal justice system entirely. Avoiding these harsh penalties makes criminal defense services a worthy investment.

Many of the most common misdemeanors and felonies in the state of Florida require victim contact, availability of key witnesses, police testimony, or other pieces of physical evidence. Criminal defense lawyers know this and at times they are capable of getting a charges reduced or a case dismissed if the prosecutor is going to have difficult getting all of this done before the trial date. Defense lawyers are also skilled at plea bargaining, meaning you may be able to settle a case while only paying fines or a much shorter sentence if jail time is required. They are also experienced in trial procedures if your case needs to be decided by a judge or jury in court.

An Arrest can happen to anyone

A recent criminal incident arose from a woman in a Cocoa Beach hotel not disclosing that she had found some missing jewelry. A 65 year old woman named Deborah Martin Dean did not disclose to the owner of the Comfort Inn on North Atlantic Ave that she had found two missing rings valued at just under $12,000. Dean has been charged with grand theft for an amount greater than $10,000. If an elderly woman can be charged with a crime for not returning missing jewelry, anyone can be charged with a criminal act by the state. In situations like this, someone can be accused for an action that may not seem obviously illegal to most people.

The Burden of Proof

The burden to try to convict a defendant in a criminal case is entirely on the state. They need to prove each element of the specific crime relevant to the case. An experienced criminal defense attorney knows that there are usually some issues that come up which prevent the state from doing this. Some witnesses may not show up or remember the incident, or a police officer may miss a court date. Things like pictures and videos may only show circumstantial evidence of guilt rather than direct evidence of the crime. As a case grows older and people move around there may be less evidence available, whether in the form of testimony of physical traces of the crime. Depending on the particular situation, it may be difficult for a prosecutor to prove all of the elements of a crime beyond all reasonable doubt, and great criminal defense lawyers can outsmart them or otherwise make their job very difficult. The state is not perfect and a good lawyer knows how to exploit its weaknesses.

Get an Experienced Local Lawyer in the Cocoa, FL area

A lawyer from Templeton Law can speak with you to discuss the specifics of the charges the state has filed. It is important to not disclose any information to the police or state attorney until you have spoken with a lawyer. Criminal defendants have the right to remain silent under the U.S. Constitution and the Florida Constitution.

Attorneys who specialize in criminal defense from Templeton Law have had numerous victories that include dismissed cases and dropped charges. Lawyers at Templeton conduct their own exhaustive investigation related to your case and come up with the best strategy for action.