Once a crime is committed in Orlando, Florida, the necessary legal proceedings will take place to determine who was at fault and to decide what should be done with the individual who committed the crime.  The first step will be for the police to arrest a person and question them based on the information they have. If police officers retrieve enough information to decide that a person was guilty of committing the crime, then they will proceed forward with prosecution.

The prosecution process is generally lengthy, and a person should get in touch with a criminal defense lawyer as soon as possible to get the legal help they need so they are not unfairly charged for the crimes. If a person is charged then they have the option of pleading guilty, pleading not guilty, or pleading no contest.

If a person pleads guilty, they are stating that they accept the facts of the case, and they acknowledge that it was them who committed the crime. When a person pleads not guilty then that means they are denying that they committed the crime, and they will be required to present evidence to support their statements. The third option is for a person to plead “no contest” which means that they are not admitting they are guilty, but they are also not denying that their charges can be proven.

Hiring a lawyer even when a person is innocent in Orlando, Florida


Throughout the entire criminal procedure, a person must have a criminal defense lawyer on their side. Even if a person is innocent, they will need a lawyer to help them fight the charges being laid on them. If a person tries to defend themselves, they are risking serious consequences.

An attorney who understands the law and who knows what the judges will be looking for can put together a person’s case and represent them in the time they need it most. Many people do not realize how nerve-wracking it can be to stand in a courtroom in front of a judge or jury, trying to defend themselves against their charges.

Even if a person is innocent or even if they intend to plead guilty, they can easily make mistakes that make them look guilty despite not having committed the crime. Anyone who is charged should have a lawyer who can eloquently speak for them and support them during that incredibly stressful time of their life. Not only can they provide legal support and grant a person more confidence, but they can also give a person the emotional support they need to get through the trial without breaking down.

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