The discussion of the new Pokémon Go app is all over news headlines, and continued stories are reported highlighting how dangerous and risky playing this game can be. While some are being robbed, and others led into traffic, it is no secret as to why Fairfax County Police are providing residents with tips on how to stay safe as well as reminders that could potentially keep you or your loved ones out of handcuffs. Criminal defense attorneys in Fairfax, Virginia are shedding some light on a story that was recently released on Fairfax County Police Department News that should serve as a reminder as to why you need to remain cautious and smart when playing the new game that has the streets overrun with individuals in search of these virtual characters.

The new Pokemon Go game has people traveling to landmarks in order to capture these virtual characters.

While this game may seem thrilling and exciting as you have to travel around the city and locate these Pokestops in order to capture your Pokémon characters, it is important to be mindful of the rules and laws that still stand, including the areas and buildings that inform individuals with their signs stating “no trespassing.” Unfortunately, five juveniles failed to adhere to these notices as they were charged with trespassing in a school “through an unsecured area.” Criminal defense lawyers nearby in Fairfax point out that “police responded to Keene Mille Elementary, located at 6310 Bardu Avenue, around 10:47 p.m.” on July 13th when an alarm went off.


Upon arrival, police witnessed two men and three male teenagers in the school building. The two men, only 18 years of age, were “issued summons for trespassing on school property and released.” The three juveniles are expected to receive a petition for trespassing as well. According to police, the five individuals were allegedly playing the Pokémon Go game that led them to this particular location. But, as you know, even though your game may lead to an area or dwelling, it doesn’t necessarily mean it is safe or that you are legally permitted to enter it.

In order for others to be more mindful of these gamers and aware of their surroundings, Fairfax Police have made a list of five things you want to keep in mind whether you are playing Pokémon Go or someone you know is an avid game player themselves.

Fairfax police reiterate ways to stay safe and avoid trouble when playing Pokemon Go.
  1. Stay Alert- Don’t go to unknown areas they may be dangerous and secluded. Also remember to not immerse yourself in the game when driving.
  2. Supervise Kids-Be sure children are staying safe when playing the game.
  3. Don’t Trespass- It is illegal and a chargeable crime.
  4. Do Not Enter Fire Stations- Firefighters respond to calls 24 hours a day and may neglect to see someone walking by.
  5. Play in the Parks

If you have recently taken up playing Pokémon Go, criminal defense lawyers local to you in Fairfax, Virginia remind you to keep these tips in mind and avoid any situations that could potentially have you placed in handcuffs, needing legal representation from a Fairfax criminal defense law firm yourself.