The judge who is responsible for dealing with a person’s case will decide whether a person will be receiving a bond reduction hearing or not based on the crime they committed and the details of their case. Most crimes do allow for a bond amount to be set and a person can either post a cash amount or can go through a bondsman and pay a fee instead. In most cases, the individual who is arrested will see the judge within 24 hours of their case to address the bond amount and the amount can be lowered or even raised based on the seriousness of the case.

Once a person’s case is resolved, the bond is returned to the person who posted the bond. If a person gave a cash bond, then it will often be used to cover the fines and costs of the court proceedings and then whatever remains is returned to the appropriate owner. Regardless of who posted the cash bond, the payment is made to the court before returning the remaining amount.

Can a person represent themselves in a criminal case in Largo, Florida?

According to the law, a person can represent themselves for their criminal case. However, it is highly recommended that a person gets in touch with a qualified attorney who is passionate about their case, to increase their chances of having the case conclude in their favor. Just as a person will visit a doctor when they are extremely sick, as opposed to simply treating themselves at home, it is always better to take the expertise of a lawyer who has spent years studying the law and also dealing with criminal cases.

A lawyer will see the entire case in a different light and will be able to assist a person through the legal proceedings and also represent them in court, so a person does not have to worry about the legalities of the matter immediately at hand.

The bigger the charges are, the more a person has to lose so they should make sure to contact a lawyer in such situations. If a person committed a felony, or if they are being accused of committing a felony then it is unlikely that they will be able to successfully represent themselves on their own and win the case. There are many legal options a person may not know of or they may not have considered, and a legal representative can inform them and help them decide what course of action has the most chances of success.

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