You just found out that a close friend or relative was arrested in or nearby to Schenectady, NY. What do you do? Better yet, what can you do? Although you may be feeling worried and even a little emotional, below we offer a few tips to consider that can provide you with some sort of guidance in how you can help this person who currently is unable to help themselves.


  1. The first thing you need to do is find out where they are being held and what charges they are being held on. You will want to gather some basic information so that when it comes time to contact a Schenectady, NY criminal defense lawyer, you can provide them with it. Now, if you haven’t yet spoken with your friend or relative, contact the jail where they are being held to see if a call can be put through to them. Although most individuals who are detained are entitled to one phone call, there are times when officers won’t permit them to make this call until hours or even days after they have been processed in the system.


In the event an officer refuses to put your call through, which does happen, ask them to provide you with the information you are seeking and be sure to ask if they are going to remain in that facility or if they are going to be transferred somewhere else. Sometimes, if an individual is detained in a different county from where the criminal charges were filed, officials will transport them to a facility located in the county where the charges were formally filed.


  1. Once you know where your friend or loved one is, or where they will be going, you also need to find out when they are scheduled to appear before a judge. You can obtain this information from the arrested individual if they have it and were able to call you or from an officer at the jail. It is important to find this out as this will be the time when a judge makes a decision as to whether the individual will remain in police custody or if they will be given the opportunity to post bail.


  1. After you have gathered the information we mentioned above, you will want to contact a Schenectady, NY criminal defense attorney. Finding an attorney who is willing to take on your friend or relative’s case can be rather difficult and can take a significant amount time so rather than having to deal with the frustrations of finding a reputable lawyer who is willing and able to help you, simply contact It is vital that the individual obtains legal representation immediately as their attorney can help sway a judge’s decision into awarding them bail as well as provide them with the assistance they need throughout the remainder of their case.


  1. Now, if your friend or loved one is awarded bail, this means that they must provide the amount stipulated by the courts before they can be released until the time comes for them to appear for their next scheduled court hearing. Your criminal defense attorney should be able to help you locate a reputable bail bondsman in the area who can assist you in getting your friend or loved one released or you can pay the associated fees with bonding them out directly through the Schenectady County Correction Facility. To become more informed on Schenectady County’s bail procedures, clicking here.


  1. Now, regardless of whether your friend or relative was released on bond, it is important you remain in contact with their lawyer. Although you may not be able to call the individual at any given time or visit them, their attorney can and will be able to keep you updated on how they are doing and what progress has been made on their case.

Finding out that a close friend or relative was arrested can be stressful and overwhelming which is why you need to contact a NY criminal lawyer immediately following their arrest. They can help you understand the charges as well as the penalties the crimes carry and be there for the individual in a way you cannot.