Jersey City, NJ – Aside from landing a person in jail, a criminal conviction can have many other long term effects on a person. Their future ability to find employment or obtain professional licenses may be jeopardized, they may need to deal with lengthy probation terms, and navigate other problems. 

The reality is that anyone who has been charged with a crime will benefit from having a defense attorney review their case and represent them. 

Misdemeanor crimes

A misdemeanor crime is any charge that can result in a jail sentence of less than one year. Many crimes for small amounts of drug possession, simple battery or assault, and theft of small value items are charged as a misdemeanor. Even if the crime results in a short sentence, the person may start to experience other kinds of difficulties after a conviction. 

Felony crimes

All of the most serious crimes such as murder, aggravated battery or assault, manslaughter, and drug trafficking are always charged as felonies. This means that they carry a sentence of at least one year. People convicted of felonies can end up spending several years in prison, and their life will totally change afterward.  

Criminal procedure and defense lawyers

A large part of what defense attorneys do is to make sure all procedures were properly followed throughout the course of the case. This may be related to investigating suspects and questioning them, finding probable cause to make an arrest, gathering evidence, and other important aspects of the case. If mistakes are made at any point in the process, the evidence may be excluded, the arrest may be declared unlawful, or the charges may be dropped altogether if serious mistakes were found. 

Going to trial

It is possible that a defendant will need to have a trial in court if there is not the possibility of reaching a favorable plea deal. The choice to go to trial versus accepting a plea should be discussed with the attorney. The defense attorney will need to make opening and closing arguments to the jury, question witnesses, and introduce evidence. Skilled defense attorneys know how to use these processes to cast doubt on the state’s case. It is also important for defendants to realize that reasonable doubt in the minds of the jurors is all that is needed for a not guilty verdict, as this is one of the highest burdens of proof in the law. 

Speaking with a New Jersey criminal defense lawyer

The Law Office of Eric M. Mark provides professional defense services to anyone who has been charged with a crime. Those who are curious about representation can contact the firm to learn more. 

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