As the nation deals with an opioid crisis that shows no sign of slowing down, Mississippi remains focused on crimes involving prescription drugs. If you are a medical professional who has been writing fake prescriptions or committing similar crimes, you are more likely than ever before to face severe consequences. If you are a medical professional in Mississippi, this could completely ruin your career.

Of course, you don’t have to give up hope right away. With the help of a qualified, experienced criminal defense attorney in Jackson, you can approach this situation in a calm, confident, and efficient manner. A skilled criminal defense attorney can help you avoid many of the legal consequences you might be facing.

Nurse Charged with Prescription Drug Fraud in Mississippi

On July 12th of 2021, it was reported that a nurse practitioner on the Mississippi coast had been charged with prescription drug fraud and theft. This nurse was arrested after a complaint was received by the Mississippi Bureau of Narcotics. Agents investigated the nurse’s activities at Maxem Health Urgent Care facilities in Gulfport and Pascagoula.

This nurse was allegedly prescribing Ambien to her adult children, her mother, her father, and her friends. She then picked up the prescriptions for personal use. Over a three-year period, she picked up more than 146 prescriptions of the drug.

Penalties for Prescription Drug Fraud

The nurse in the aforementioned incident was eventually charged with “obtaining a controlled substance by fraud.” This is a felony that comes with a prison sentence of up to five years, a $1,000 fine, or both. Because this particular individual was writing these fake prescriptions for personal use, she did not experience some of the more serious penalties that you might face for prescription fraud.

If you end up acquiring prescription drugs in order to sell them, you could face much more serious consequences. This could result in drug trafficking charges, which typically come with a longer sentence.

For example, a single physician in Detroid was accused in June of 2021 of fueling the opioid crisis by prescribing more than 440,000 prescription pills that later ended up on the streets. These drugs had a total worth of more than $6.6 million. He wrote the prescriptions in exchange for cash payments, conspiring with a number of other criminals in the process. This is just one of many similar stories across the nation.

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