When a criminal case is taken to trial, the process of selecting a jury becomes active and those selected to serve on the jury are then responsible for providing a verdict once the case has been heard before a court. This process is known as “voir dire” which means “to speak the truth” in Latin, and the role of these individuals is to do just that. The Sixth Amendment of the U.S. Constitution allows criminal cases to be provided with a jury, however, there are certain pros and cons to this.

A defense lawyer will help choose jurors who are going to be fair when deciding the outcome of your case.

When a court assigns individuals to serve on a jury for a case involving a criminal act, there is a process that must be completed before they are permitted to continue on with their role. One of the main reasons why you want to have an experienced and well-versed criminal defense lawyer in Hardee County, FL working on your side is for this reason. While you may think your lawyer can only help influence whether your charges are dismissed or reduced, they also play a key role in selecting the jury. And as mentioned, the jury consists of many individuals who will determine the outcome of your case, and how you could be spending the next few years of your life.

If you are familiar with this process, then you know anyone, anywhere can be called to serve on a jury. Criminal defense attorneys in Hardee County, Florida point out that because everyone is unique in their own way, we all have our own preferences and opinions which can sometimes get in the way of making the right decision in these types of cases. So, in an effort to ensure your trial is presented before an unbiased group of people who have been chosen as the jury, defense lawyers from both sides of the case have the opportunity to question these individuals.

If a potential juror is biased towards a police officer on trial, you don’t want them serving as a juror.

Some of the common reasons why this occurs is to determine whether:

  • One person may have a biased opinion against the race of the criminal in the case.
  • If the criminal held a certain career position, the potential juror may disapprove and use that against them when making a decision on their case outcome.
  • The potential juror may have a strong dislike for men, and the criminal in question is a male.

While the practice of voir dire is meant to make the trial a fair process, if an individual selected to serve on the jury isn’t truthful or remains on the panel possessing negative feelings toward the criminal before the hearing even begins, it can truly harm the offender and the outcome of their case.

So, why hire a criminal defense lawyer if you are facing charges in Hardee County, FL?

The answer is quite clear. You want someone fighting on your side and will work to ensure you don’t have a panel of jurors who dislike you before you even get the opportunity to plead your side of the case.