Violation of probation occurs when someone once arrested for a crime is found guilty of violating the terms of their probation. Violation of probation is always taken very seriously and anyone who finds themselves in such a situation where they are being called to account for a violation should call a criminal defense attorney as soon as possible and get immediate legal advice.

A person should first make sure that they do not make the mistake of going forward with their criminal case without an attorney on their side. Many people feel like they can handle the situation on their own and they try to deal with the officers and the legal matters simply by getting help through the internet and their family and friends. This is a mistake no one should make as it can cost them their case and their freedom.

As soon as a person is confronted by police officers, they should call a lawyer the first chance they get instead of trying to fight their case and defending themselves on their own. If a person takes the precaution of having a legal guide from the beginning, they can avoid getting into a situation where they unknowingly violate their probation and must pay the legal consequences for it.

The exact penalty a person must face depends on what sort of violation took place and what the original terms of the probation were.  In some cases, a person may even be rearrested, and they may lose the original freedom granted to them because of the seriousness of their violation.

What are common examples of violations of probation in Fort Meyers, Florida?

There are many ways a person may end up violating their probation. Though this varies from case to case, common examples include:

  • Testing positive for consuming a controlled substance
  • Being arrested for a new crime
  • Failing to keep up with legal financial requirements
  • Failing to complete a program they were enrolled in
  • Missing appointments with probation officers

The reason why being found guilty of a violation of probation is such a dangerous matter is because criminals are reconvicted on a much lower standard and one’s prosecutor must only show that a person likely violated their probation. Since it is much easier to be convicted, a person should make sure they have a criminal attorney on their side defending their right to freedom.

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