What Happens if You Purchase Weapons and Other Equipment for Felons?

Aiding a criminal is always a bad idea. While you might get away with small forms of assistance, you will almost certainly face criminal consequences yourself if you help criminals in more substantial ways. A clear example of this is providing a firearm to a felon, as these individuals are not allowed to purchase or own firearms themselves. But you may also face consequences for providing felons with other items — particularly military or self-defense products.

Man Faces 10 Years for Purchasing a Firearm on Behalf of a Felon

On January 6th of 2023, the Justice Department reported that a man had pleaded guilty to making a false statement to a federally licensed firearms dealer when purchasing a firearm. He purchased the firearm and then provided it to a convicted felon. In other words, he lied when filling out ATF Form 4473 and purchased a gun for a criminal. This offense was seen as especially serious because the felon then committed murder with the firearm he had been provided with. This individual faces ten years in prison, although he might receive a somewhat lighter sentence because he pleaded guilty.

Man Faces 20 Years for Helping Felons Disguise Themselves as Police Officers

Also on January 6th, the Justice Department reported that an individual was facing a maximum penalty of 20 years for conspiracy to commit Hobbs Act Robbery. This individual did not actually take part in the robberies, but instead helped the criminals disguise themselves as police officers. The defendant did this by purchasing a range of equipment, including sheriff’s patches, lights, vests, and other parts of a uniform typically worn by police officers and deputies.

In addition, the defendant worked as a claims adjuster, giving her access to sensitive information about potential victims, their homes, and their wealth. This allowed the defendant to conduct research on potential victims and target those who she believed would have the most to lose in a robbery. This is another example of how assisting felons can result in serious penalties — even if you personally did not participate in the offenses. In fact, you can face the exact same penalties as the people who carried out the crime if you helped plan the operation.

Where Can I Find a Qualified Criminal Defense Attorney in Trenton?

If you’ve been searching the Trenton area for a qualified, experienced criminal defense attorney, look no further than Trevena Pontrello & Associates. Over the years, we have assisted numerous defendants in the Sunshine State — including those facing charges related to firearms, military-style equipment, and other related items. Whether you’ve been accused of assisting felons or you’re facing a felony yourself, it always makes sense to get in touch with a criminal defense attorney at your earliest convenience. Book a consultation today and get started with a solid defense strategy.


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