If you’re caught driving on a suspended license in TX, you can count on having your license suspension period extended.

There are many crimes that carry a license suspension penalty with them which restricts an individual from operating a motor vehicle. For instance, if you were convicted of DUI in Texas, your driving privileges may have been suspended for a period of one year. During this one-year period, your driver’s license is not valid in that it does not permit you to drive a vehicle which means if you are caught doing so, you risk being charged with yet another crime that could potentially extend your current suspension period.


What are the penalties for driving without a valid license in TX?


If your license was suspended and you are caught behind the wheel, you are committing an offense that is recognized by the State as DWLI, or Driving While License is Invalid. A person is said to commit this offense if they are caught driving and:


  • Their license was canceled.
  • Their driving privilege was revoked or suspended.
  • Their driver’s license was expired.
  • The driver’s request to have their license renewed was denied.


If you are caught driving in Texas while your license is suspended, you risk being charged with either a Class C misdemeanor crime or a Class B misdemeanor crime. It all depends on whether you had a prior conviction and what charges you were convicted on. For example, if you were arrested for DUI in McAllen which resulted in the suspension of your license and you were caught driving during the suspension period, you would be charged with a Class B misdemeanor and would like have your suspension period increased.


What penalties do a Class B and C Misdemeanor charge carry with them?


An individual who is charged with a Class B misdemeanor will likely be faced with the following punishments:

  • A fine of no more than $2,000.
  • Serving a jail term of no more than 180 days


When a Texan is charged with a Class C misdemeanor crime, he or she shall face the following consequences:

  • A fine of no more than $500


[Source: Texas Penal Code Title 3, Chapter 12, Sec.12.22 & 12.23].


Caught driving in McAllen with a suspended license after being convicted of DUI? Contact a criminal defense lawyer who can help you fight your charges and get your jail sentence reduced.

If you were caught operating your vehicle while your license was suspended for another criminal offense, you will want to retain a McAllen, TX criminal defense lawyer. Because a Class B misdemeanor does carry jail time, it is essential that you retain a lawyer who will represent you in court and can provide the judge with a valid explanation as to why you were driving even when you weren’t supposed to be doing so.

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