Once you are caught for committing a crime by police officers, you will have to go through the stages of the criminal justice system in Orlando, Florida. Depending on what sort of crime you committed and how much harm it caused others, your outcome will vary significantly.

You should speak with a criminal defense lawyer as soon as possible after your confrontation with the law enforcement officer to get help with the legal process so that you do not end up having to suffer more penalties than necessary.

After you are taken in by officers, the next step is for you to be charged and officially arrested. Once this happens and the officers decide you are guilty of the crime that they suspected you of, you will be compelled to come to your first appearance in court, usually within the next 24 hours. In this appearance, they will inform you of the charges being laid against you and you will be advised of your rights. It is in this appearance that your bond amount will be determined as well.

After your first appearance is complete, the next steps are the arraignment, pre-trial proceedings, and sentencing. Sometimes a pre-sentence investigation will also be conducted if it is relevant to the case. It is important to note that juvenile cases follow a slightly different procedure then adult procedures.

If a younger person is convicted of a misdemeanor crime, they will usually be released to their parents or custodians right away. If they committed more serious crimes, then they will attend a detention hearing and in that hearing, it will be determined if the juvenile is to remain under security or be released to their home. In such a case applies to you, The Juvenile Division of the State Attorney’s Office will let you know of your next court dates.

How do I know what to testify in court?

When you are given a chance to give your testimony for your court case in Orlando, Florida, you should try your best to remain calm and try not to panic. You do not have to memorize anything beforehand. Just take the advice of your lawyer on what you should say and what you should avoid saying and try your best to present the information as accurately as possible.

You should avoid saying more than needed and if you are asked questions, listen to each question carefully, ask for clarification if necessary, and respond as accurately as possible.

A criminal defense lawyer at the Law Office of Donald A. Lykkebak can help you with your case and help you through the entire legal process.

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