The recent photo taken and displayed in the Times Free Press depicts an image of Christopher E. Russell taking a break, the last one he will receive for a significant period of time as a free man. Russell is a father from Marion County who was on trial just yesterday for the murder of his 3-month old son.  While the incident occurred back on June 17, 2012, his trial date has finally come to a close and a verdict has been released. According to local criminal defense lawyers in Nashville, Tennessee, Russel is now going to be serving a sentence for charges of second-degree murder and aggravated child abuse.

But why was Russell found guilty and what evidence led the jury to believe he did in fact murder his son?

The medical examiner who conducted the autopsy felt the child’s death was questionable.

Well, criminal defense attorneys in Nashville note that the last witness statement, which was provided by Medical Examiner Dr. Bridget Eutenier, highlighted some valuable facts for the jury to use during deliberation. According to the autopsy which was conducted on June 24, 2012 by Eutenier, the injuries the baby had suffered from were quite suspicious. Colin Eugene Russell, who was only an infant, was first taken to a hospital in Jasper, and then Vanderbilt in Nashville. The medical officials who began examining the child were skeptical as to why this child lay lifeless in their presence.

When Eutenier was called to the stand, she testified “that Colin had widespread brain injuries, old and new rib fractures and a spinal injury.” She also stated that the infant’s injuries appear to have been from movements “like being shaken.” While her testimony was used against Russell, his team of defense attorneys in Tennessee hired a private forensic pathologist recognized as Dr. Thomas William Young. He “testified about other causes of the injuries and brain damage that appeared in the baby.” According to Young’s evidence, he stated the baby had prior health problems before he was born that included a lack of oxygen and poor nutrition.

Although both sides had a chance to express their viewpoints and evidence, the jury wasn’t convinced Russell was innocent.

Although the case had two different perspectives on how this 3-month old died, the jury wasn’t convinced that Russell was free from guilt. Although Russell was expected to be charged with first degree murder, “jurors convicted him on the lesser offense.” As Russell’s’ family watched him being taken into custody, this case now can be put to rest.

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