People worldwide spend too much time building up their reputation, becoming successful, and working hard to earn a decent living for it to be swiped right beneath their feet and have it all taken away. As some can successfully fight against a stolen identify, others find themselves with quite a complex case on their hands. Having your identity stolen can range in several different ways. Should you be lucky enough to identify the perpetrator who disregarded all your hard work and took it for themselves, then you may have a viable case for one of our criminal defense attorneys in Florida.


Identity theft is not necessarily defined as someone who pretends be you taking on your same appearance, rather it generally encompasses those who obtain your personal information and use it to their benefit. While many of us find ourselves becoming more accustomed to using technology, many criminals who commit identity theft have learned many new strategies to attain this information through these technological means. When someone steals your identity, they can do it in one or more of the following ways:

Social Security Number(SSN)– Having access to your SSN can be used for purchasing several things, allowing the thief to falsely identify themselves as you in order to obtain whatever it is they want.

Bank Account Numbers- Most people have their money direct deposited into their bank accounts as well as any other funds. While we hope this money is protected, criminals sometimes manage to get their hands on bank account numbers, taking all money that once belonged to you.

Email Passwords- As online payments have become a newly acquired form of making payments to companies, many times our email accounts contain confirmation numbers as well as other pertinent information regarding payments made. Perpetrators hack into emails and steal any of this information they deem useful to get ahold of further information.

Credit Card Numbers– Some credit cards are easier to use than others, and some require less information upon a transaction approval. If a criminal obtains your personal information from your email address account, they can use it to go along with your credit card numbers thus resulting in racked up charges.

Victims of identity theft sometimes only have a minor case on their hands that can be disputed with their bank or credit card companies, however, other cases go beyond one’s level of expertise and requires a legal representative who specializes in criminal defense to step in.

While some states differ in how they charge these criminals who committed these crimes, just know that they are punishable should they be found guilty. If you are a victim of identity theft, and want to press charges against the person at fault for racked up charges and other possible commitments this person subjected you to, speak with one of our Florida criminal defense lawyers today to decide how to go about handling your case and what further steps you need to be taking to receive your rightful compensation.