While the American Justice System sometimes fails its citizens by falsely accusing or convicting an individual for a crime they never committed, one aspect of the system that attempts to work in a person’s favor is the amendment stating an individual is “innocent until proven guilty.” While police and officials can claim you are going to be charged with one offense or another, the prosecutor is the only one who can name the possible charges you are facing.

As criminal defense lawyers in Michigan represent their clients in an effort to have any alleged charges removed, proof must be provided indicating the individual was in fact guilty for committing the crime in question.

It is important to be aware of your rights as a citizen of the U.S. in the event you find yourself being accused, charged, or convicted of a crime. According to the 5th Amendment of the Bill of Rights, any charges an individual is facing must first be looked at by a grand jury before determining whether the case is taken to trial.

Obtaining legal support whenever criminally charged, whether it be a wrongful charge, or you merely did something you should not have, you are still protected under the 6th amendment, and are legally required to be given the opportunity of having your case heard first before just being thrown into jail for offenses you may have had no involvement in.

Although this attempt is set in place to help keep innocent individuals clear of criminal charges, the evidence provided to the jury sometimes results in someone who truly isn’t guilty, being sentenced to jail time as well as required to pay a large sum in fines.

Should you be facing criminal charges or have a loved one is who being accused of committing a crime they had no involvement in, obtaining legal advice and even support is your best bet in ensuring the charges are dropped. Criminal defense attorneys in Michigan want to remind you that you are always presumed innocent, and must be found guilty upon reasonable doubt when you have a case involving a criminal act.

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