Embezzlement penalties depend on the value of the property that was taken and are issued after an individual has been convicted of the crime. To be clear, embezzlement is when a person steals property, typically money, from their own company or place of employment and keeps it as if it is their own. For example, if an office manager was to deposit checks into their bank account rather than their employer’s or a co-owner of a company were to take company funds that didn’t belong to them, both would constitute as embezzlement.

Embezzlement Penalties


According to Mississippi Code § 97-23-19, the State punishes those who commit the crime of embezzlement by imposing the following penalties:

Misdemeanor Embezzlement


When an individual is guilty of taking property of any kind that is valued at less than $1,000, they shall be charged with misdemeanor embezzlement and could face the following penalties:

  • No more than six months in county jail.
  • A fine of up to $1,000.

It is at the court’s discretion to decide whether an individual shall have their jail term suspended and instead, be placed on probation for up to one year.

Felony Embezzlement


An individual may be charged with felony embezzlement if the property they took is valued at $1,000 or more, but less than $5,000. A crime of this degree carries the following penalties:

  • Placed in the custody of the Department of Corrections for no more than five years.
  • Fine of up to $5,000.

Felony Embezzlement (With Harsher Penalties)


An individual may also be charged with felony embezzlement but face harsher penalties if the property they stole was valued at $5,000 or more, but less than $25,000. The penalties for this particular crime are as follows:

  • Imprisoned in the penitentiary for no more than 10 years.
  • Fined up to $25,000.


In the event an individual steals property that is valued at $25,000 or more, they shall be faced with the following penalties:

  • Imprisoned in the penitentiary for no more than 20 years.
  • Fined up to $25,000.


After an individual has been charged with embezzlement, the crime shall remain on their record and could impact the opportunities they are presented with in the future.


Hiring a Jackson, MS Criminal Defense Lawyer After Being Charged with Embezzlement


If an individual has been accused of embezzling from their place of employment and are facing criminal charges, they should consider connecting with a Jackson, MS criminal defense attorney who can help them understand what they are up against. Facing any type of criminal charge can be a scary thing, especially if the crime carries jail time. However, when an individual chooses to retain a criminal defense lawyer, they stand a better chance of getting their charges reduced or being offered alternatives to jail time.

With that said, if a person would like to discuss their case with a Jackson criminal defense attorney to find out what some of the potential outcomes might be as well as what their legal rights are, they can contactBallard Law, PLLC.


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