Fargo criminal defense lawyers highlight the steep penalties that come along with drinking and driving as each state has their own laws and regulations pertaining to DUI.

When a driver gets behind the wheel of their vehicle after having one too many drinks, the chances of them getting pulled over increases as impairments are evident, and unfortunately, this behavior leads to many different types of vehicular accidents. But, are you aware of the harsh penalties that follow along with someone who elects to engage in such a manner? Do you know what the legal limits are in the state of North Dakota?

Drunk drivers face serious penalties to help reduce the chance of them engaging in the act again.

In an effort to inform residents as well as someone who may be facing a DUI charge, criminal defense attorneys nearby in Fargo, North Dakota are here to provide some factual information regarding DUI and what you could be facing if convicted of the charge. As you know, drunk driving accidents take the lives of many innocent individuals, and the state has no patience for those who are well aware of the crime they are committing and the fact that they are putting many lives at risk the moment they get behind the wheel.

Now, when considering the types of punishments a drunk driver may receive will depend on whether or not this is the first time they have been caught, or if this is the third time it has happened. To better understand this, North Dakota defense attorneys are highlighting below a breakdown of what these penalties may be.

If it a 1st offense:

Depending on the circumstances surrounding the DUI, the driver may receive a fine of $500-$750, and a possible suspension of their license for 91 to 180 days.

A second DUI offender may be subjected to time is jail for committing the crime.


For 2nd offenses:

The driver may receive 10 days in jail, a fine of $600-$1,000, and a year without a license.


For a 3rd offense:

The jail time that is currently set for those who are caught three times for DUI is 180 days, a minimum of a $2,000 fine, and two or three years of having their license suspended.

DUI criminal defense lawyers nearby in Fargo, North Dakota note that the more frequently a person is caught committing the same crime, the higher their penalties increase as an attempt to discourage from engaging in the same type of illegal activity.

If charged with a DUI, it is suggested you reach out to a DUI defense lawyer immediately.

In order for someone 21 or older to be charged with a DUI in North Dakota, your BAC, or Blood Alcohol Count has to be .08% or higher. And while under-age drinking is never tolerated, the BAC limit for someone who is suspected of DUI must have a .02% BAC level or higher to be charged with it.

If you or someone you know has recently been charged with a DUI and you are looking to hire a criminal defense law firm in Fargo, North Dakota to represent you and your case, USAttorneys.com can help get you paired up with a local DUI defense lawyer now.