While there have been numerous accounts where officers of the law have failed to identify an individual who caused an accident as they fled the scene of the crime, the act of a hit and run is indeed a punishable one, and a person who is identified for committing such an act will in fact face hefty fines and penalties. A hit and run accident can occur in several different ways, and depending on the destruction a person caused, one could possibly face a misdemeanor or felony charge for the infraction. California criminal defense lawyers explain some of the reasons why these unlawful acts occur, and how a person may be charged for the offense if caught.

Unfortunately, there are many reasons why someone would flee the scene of an accident leaving another severely injured or harmed, or failed to take responsibility for the damages they caused to property to avoid being recognized as the at-fault party. Criminal defense attorneys in California can name a few of them below.

  • The driver was operating the vehicle on a suspended license.
  • The motorist was driving while under the influence and was in fear of the charges they may face.
  • The driver assumed the damage to the property or vehicle involved was going to cost them a hefty amount.
  • The individual driving did not possess the required insurance coverage.

Whether a person fled out of fear, or was driving under certain conditions that could lead to further criminal punishment, never should you flee the scene of a crime. Not only are you failing to take responsibility for your negligent actions, but the initial charges you may have been faced with would now increase and you could be looking at harsher fees, penalties, and even possible convictions.

In the event a person is found guilty of a hit and run, there are two charges they may face as mentioned above. The first is a misdemeanor, and this only applies if nobody was harmed as a result of the incident. The only evidence of damages that is identified at the scene of the accident includes that done to property.

Criminal defense legal representatives acknowledge that an individual found guilty could also face a felony charge if someone was in fact harmed and they fled the scene. The charges also increase in severity depending on how significant the injuries were.

While there is no justification as to why someone would vanish after engaging in a car accident or other form of incident that resulted in property damage or personal injuries, these mishaps do occur. Criminal defense lawyers in California remind everyone to think before committing such an act as the charges are quite steep and are by far worse than what you would initially receive had you remained at the scene of the accident.