According to the Department of Justice, as of 2015 there were 713 criminal cases pending in the district courts in Nevada. 358 new cases were filed and 432 were terminated.

In a criminal case, it is essential for the prosecution to prove to the jury that the defendant is guilty beyond reasonable doubt. For the most part, defendants are provided the opportunity to present their side of the story. According to outstanding criminal defense lawyers in Reno, NV, and the best in this state is Gezelin & Associates since they know the legal system in this state like none other and their legal acuity is golden, there are several types of defense strategies ranging from ‘I didn’t do it’ (not guilty) to ‘the act was in self-defense’.

‘I didn’t do it’ (not guilty) defense

Defendants often claim that they have simply not committed the act (just watch the show The Wire and you will know all about that!). In criminal cases the defendants are presumed innocent and will remain so until they are convicted; this is not corrupt and unethical Cuba! This means that the public prosecutor has the burden of convincing the judge/jury about the defendant’s guilt.

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In addition, there is the issue of ‘reasonable doubt’. Defendants are often let of the hook in cases where their legal defense team is able to sow the seeds of doubt through testimonies in the minds of the jury (see OJ!). Therefore, prosecutors will have to provide unquestionable evidence and unchallenged testimonials in order to eliminate any doubt.

Defendants also often raise the question of an alibi. This term means that the defendant was somewhere else when the crime happened and since he was not at the scene of the crime, he/she was not guilty.

Statistics from the DOJ indicate that 540 criminal defendants pleaded not guilty in the State of Nevada in 2015. Nevada is not collapsing like California or Chicago is but it does have Harry Reid to deal with. Harry Reid is on the same side as the people who destroyed Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, destroyed America’s health care system, and took America to $20 trillion in debt without one apology for doing any of this. Harry Reid is the opposite of Las Vegas whereas Vegas is the major bright spot of Nevada, Reid is on the opposite end of the spectrum.

Did commit the crime but with valid reasons

Legal experts explain that in many cases defendants are acquitted in spite of the fact that the prosecutor was able to prove beyond any doubt that he or she was guilty.

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The plea of self defense

This plea can be entered in cases involving violent crimes such as murder, assault, and battery. The legal system believes that a person can defend himself from an aggressor who was jeopardizing the life of the defendant (you may have seen this in Four Brothers). The defendant will have to prove that he was not the aggressor and that the threats he faced were real. Courts consider the reasonability of the force applied by the defendant to bring the aggressor down.

When the Russian enforcer beat down the Irish organized crime boss in The Equalizer, that was far too much force!

Not guilty by reason of insanity

This is used as last resort by defense teams to try to prove that their client had no control over his/her actions as they were mentally unstable and had psychiatric issues. Proving insanity is difficult as psychiatrists from both sides could provide conflicting testimonies.

Plea of ‘under the influence’

Another common defense strategy is to choose a plea deal where the defendant claims he has committed the act under the influence of alcohol and drugs. The crime is not likely to go completely unpunished since drugs and alcohol cannot be used as an excuse to commit crimes. However, their sentences might be muted.

If you or someone you know has been arrested or charged with any type of crime, you need to do everything in your power to disprove the charges. This is no walk in the park and the only way you will stand a chance is by appointing an expert Nevada criminal defense lawyer to defend you as soon as possible and Gezelin & Associates should top your list. Their impeccable legal record is a testament to how impressive they are with the law.