Did you know that as a bartender in the state of Texas, it is your responsibility to monitor your customers’ alcohol intake and cut them off when you notice signs of intoxication?

If you are a waiter, bartender, or owner of an establishment that sells any type of alcoholic beverage to consumers, it is your duty to ensure you don’t “over-serve” your customers as you could be held liable if they were to cause a drunk driving accident. You are also required to check identification to be sure the person you are serving alcohol to is not a minor. The Texas Alcoholic Beverage Code requires that “sellers and servers refuse alcoholic beverage service to intoxicated persons and minors” [Source: Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission]. Not only would you be subjected to paying a fine if you are caught violating the law, but you could even face time in jail.

Now, to help prevent you from serving someone to the point of intoxication or someone who is already intoxicated, consider looking out for what the Oregon Liquor Control Commission says are visible signs of intoxication.


  1. Check their appearance


If they show the following signs, they are likely intoxicated already:


  • Bloodshot, glassy, or watery eyes
  • Flushed face
  • Droopy eyelids
  • They have a blank stare or dazed look
  • They are twitching or have body tremors
  • Their clothing is disheveled


  1. Monitor their behavior


If they are displaying any of the following behaviors, it may be time to stop serving them alcohol:


  • They are swaying, staggering, or stumbling
  • Unable to sit up straight
  • They are careless with their money
  • They struggle to make change
  • They are restless
  • Depressed or sullen
  • Crying or moody
  • You notice an extreme or sudden change in their behavior
  • They are overly animated or entertaining
  • They are crude or make inappropriate gestures
  • They appear to be drowsy or falling asleep
  • They lack focus and the inability to make eye contact
  • Difficulty standing up
  • They are walking in an unusual manner
  • Are unable to find the glass with their mouth
  • Falling down or off the chair
  • Difficulty lighting cigarettes
  • Lighting more than one cigarette
  • Clumsy
  • Difficulty remembering
  • They are spilling their drinks or others nearby
  • Disoriented
  • Agitated
  • Anxious
  • Grinding teeth
  • Vomiting


  1. Listen to their speech


If it appears to be any of the following, consider cutting them off:


  • Thick, slurred speech
  • Loud
  • Speaking loudly and then softly
  • Rambling on
  • Speaking unusually fast or slow
  • They react slowly when asked questions
  • They give repetitive statements
  • Boasting
  • They make irrational statements

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