Individuals caught for committing any sort of crime in Orlando, Florida will have to go through the legal criminal process to discover what their final charges are and to see if there is any chance of having these charges reduced. Based on exactly what crime took place and the details of the situation, a person may be able to put up a lawful justification, or a defense for why they were compelled to carry out the crime in the first place.

A common crime that is justified is when a homicide occurs, or an assault occurs, and a person claims that they only acted violently to defend those around them or as a form of self-defense. Anyone arrested for a crime should reach out to a criminal defense attorney at their earliest convenience to get help building their defenses so their charges can be reduced. Sometimes a person may be wrongfully accused of the crime or framed and in such cases, they will need the help of a legal professional to collect evidence that can prove they are innocent.

It is important to keep in mind that in Florida, the law allows a person to use deadly force to prevent death and injury if a person feels like the threat is imminent and they can’t see any other way out of their situation. If a person accidentally fatally wounded someone in an act of self-defense, they may be able to lawfully justify their actions and get off with fewer charges.

Apart from self-defense and necessity, other common defenses include:

  • A crime that was committed due to coercion
  • A crime that was committed by mistake
  • Entrapment

Criminal charges are life-changing and they will affect a person’s life long after they leave the courtroom. Hiring a proper criminal defense attorney is integral to one’s success in winning their case and turning their life around for the better.

What to look for in a Criminal Defense Attorney in Orlando, Florida

A good criminal defense lawyer will make all the difference in how one’s case is seen in court. Anyone who gets into a serious legal situation should look for an attorney who has experience in representing individuals who have been charged with similar crimes. The more experience they have, the more chances they will be able to guide a person skillfully and successfully through the legal proceedings.

Speak to a criminal defense attorney at the Law Office of Donald A Lykkebak today to start building a proper defense to reduce the charges being laid.

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