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Crimes are committed throughout the United States on a daily basis. People get into altercations with one another and wind up engaging in what would be recognized as domestic violence while others have reached a desperate point in their life that has caused them to steal from a local market.

While some individuals commit crimes intentionally and with haste regard, others find themselves facing a trial date for something they simply didn’t do.  Either way, those who are viewed as a “defendant” in a case have rights that are expected to be respected. Unfortunately, many individuals aren’t aware of their rights nor do they know what the true consequences are for the crime they may or may not have committed. That is why we have taken the time to provide some useful information for you below.




If you consider all the various types of crimes that can be committed and are, it would take far too long to go into detail regarding the penalties each carry along with them. So, for now, provided below is some useful information for anyone who has been charged with shoplifting.

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Did you know that there are approximately 27 million shoplifters in the U.S. today? That means 1 in 11 people are guilty of committing the offense. And more than 10 million people have actually been caught shoplifting within the last five years according to Shoplifting Prevention.

Because there have been several different cases ranging in the degree of the crime, it is expected that your case is handled and treated in the same manner as anyone else who would be guilty of committing the crime.


Penalties for Shoplifting


Based on § 61-3A-1 of the West Virginia Code, the consequences for shoplifting are as follows:


First Offense Conviction

  1. If the value of the merchandise if less than or equal to $500, the individual is guilty of a misdemeanor and shall be fined no more than $250.
  2. If the value exceeds $500, the person is charged with a misdemeanor and may be required to pay a fine between $100-$500. They could potentially face up to 60 days in jail.


Second Offense Conviction

  1. The penalties consist of a fine between $100-$500 and may face up to six months in jail. This is also considered a misdemeanor charge.
  2. If the merchandise stolen is valued higher than $500, they are subject to a misdemeanor charge and could be placed in jail for six months up to a year.


To learn about the penalties for a third offense conviction, visit the West Virginia Legislature site by clicking here.


What to do if You Are Guilty of Committing a Crime


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