His name is Philando Castile, he was a resident of Falcon Heights, Minnesota, and is he another victim added to the docket of relentless investigations that is in need of an explanation as to why he was brutally killed by a police officer. More and more we are learning of scenarios where officers exploit their privileges, resulting in deaths and the possible presence of harassment. Those who encounter these heinous acts are attempting to capture what many consider abuse and misconduct displayed by police officers with their cell phones and its ability to record and transmit these videos live.


Criminal defense lawyers in Minnesota acknowledge that it all began with a simple traffic stop. A stop that generally involves an officer engaging with the driver of the vehicle, explaining the discrepancy that they have. While an exchange of information generally transpires, instead, Castile, who was the driver of the vehicle, was shot as he attempted to provide the questioning officer with his license. The car was originally pulled over for a “busted tail light,” however, is it unclear why this routine traffic stop became a deadly crime scene.

CNN News acknowledges Diamond Reynolds, who was present in the car with her child and Castile, as the woman who recorded the aftermath of the shooting as her boyfriend lay in the seat, gasping for his last breaths of air. She expressed through words consumed with fear that they had simply been pulled over, and that Castile was carrying a licensed weapon in which he had a legal permit for.

Minnesota criminal defense attorneys nearby point out that as the video continued, Reynolds was reminded to keep her hands up while inside the car, and was then advised to step out of the vehicle where she was instructed to get on the ground. While she was forced to comply, her phone continued recording. You could hear pleading in the background, and she was then placed inside the officer’s vehicle.

Many believe these acts displayed by police are unfair, unethical, and a reflection of the possibilities when their power is abused.


While Reynold’s daughter consoled her in the back of the police vehicle she stated “It’s OK,” “I’m right here with you,” however, many are under the impression that there is no one to step in and provide a statement of solace nor a response or solution to decreasing the number of deaths that continue to be taken by the hands of those that are designated to offer protection. 

Castile’s mother expressed that she hears people stating that police no longer racially profile, however, her point of view varies significantly. Criminal defense attorneys in Minnesota note that as a result of this incident, the Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension Assistance, which is a state-wide criminal investigative agency, was called upon to and is investigating the death of this young man, who was allegedly reaching for his wallet, not for the licensed gun he informed the officer he was carrying.

Although Sgt. Jon Mangseth, who is the interim chief of the St. Anthony Police Department stated “It’s not something that occurs in this area often,” it does seem to be occurring far too frequently in various cities all across the U.S.