Prosecutors and law enforcement seem to have softened their stand on marijuana laws in Virginia. As reported by, since 2014 marijuana related arrests have dropped 14%. Criminal defense lawyers in Accomack, VA explain that it is the biggest two-year drop in the state in as many as 15 years.

Some regions have witnessed a significant yearly decline, which includes Newport News that registered a drop of 60% since 2011. Only 578 individuals were arrested last year as compared to 1,461 in 2011.

Locking up someone who smokes marijuana is ridiculous. No one destroys their family because of marijuana smoking, alcohol is the culprit there! Hopefully you never need an Accomack, VA criminal defense lawyer for smoking marijuana.

The authorities believe that the decline will continue next year. A Virginia criminal defense attorney, Ron Smith, was of the opinion that the decrease in arrests was not due to a decline in the number of smokers but because of the gradual change to towards legalization. Law enforcement is now more inclined to let go of what they perceive to be minor offenses. In a bid to ease the burden on resources, legal experts say that there are fewer marijuana arrests being prosecuted.

Accomack, VA criminal defense lawyers point out that Hampton was among the first to stop prosecuting marijuana cases of adult misdemeanor in 2012 while Newport News followed a year later. According to law enforcement they do not have any standing order not to enforce marijuana laws. There should not be any marijuana laws according to many people including common sense. Marijuana should have never been illegal.

However, arrests in minor offenses are considered less feasible due to the lack of prosecution. Richard Myers, Newport News’s police chief said an officer’s ability to make arrests for minor offenses has been impacted due to absence of a prosecuting attorney.


Commonwealth Attorney’s Office not to Pursue Harassment Charges against William and Mary Professor

61 year old David Dessler, a government professor at the College of William and Mary who was arrested after allegations of harassment via a series of emails by a colleague, will not be prosecuted. According to The Virginia Gazette, prosecutors have decided not to pursue charges after they observed that the professor was complying with the conditions set by the court.

Dessler is alleged to have sent threatening emails to John McGlennon, the Chairman of the William and Mary Government Department. The chairman reportedly received two abusive emails from Dessler on Feb. 26th, 2016 belittling him, following which the college decided to send McGlennon home for security reasons.

In his emails the professor is alleged to have used intimidating terms such as ‘let the terror begin’. Dessler was subsequently arrested two days later on charges of harassment via computer and was later released. However, he was arrested on March 18th after he allegedly sent another threatening email to McGlennon and other faculty.

However, Commonwealth’s Attorney Nate Green said that his office has now decided not to pursue criminal charges after reviewing Dessler’s interactions with the college unless any new evidence is found. The decision was taken after the professor complied with the authorities and underwent mental health treatment and regular evaluations, as a condition for bail. Dessler has been on medical leave since October 2015. does not fail to deliver

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