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As you may already be aware, criminal charges vary based on the person committing the act, the whereabouts of it, and the degree it falls under. For instance, someone caught drinking and driving is going to face a charge that differs from someone who causes an accident with injuries while drinking and driving. Besides the degree of the crime comes the age. Those who are above the age of 18 have their charges handled by the district court while those who are 18 and under have their cases heard in a juvenile court. This is a special jurisdiction.


About Utah’s Juvenile Court System


Based on the information provided by the Utah Courts main site, there are currently 29-full time judges and 1.5 commissioners. Any person under the age of 18 who has committed a federal, state, or municipal law will be tried by a juvenile court. They also have jurisdiction in cases involving:

  • Traffic offenses involving minors related to automobile homicide.
  • Driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
  • Reckless driving, joy riding, and fleeing a police officer.

Based on the crime committed and the penalties that follow, this particular division of the justice system also has the right to:

  • Place children under the supervision of the court’s probation department. The Juvenile Court administers a probation department and handles all the legalities that come along with putting a child/teen on probation.
  • Place children in the custody or care of foster homes, group homes, or in special treatment centers.
  • Place them in secure institutions.


What District Will My Court Case Be Held In?


Depending on where your child lives is where their court case is going to be heard. The same would apply to adults who are facing criminal charges as well. Your county determines which district court you must attend. One benefit of having a criminal defense attorney in Utah representing you is that you will be provided with much of the unknown information ahead of time so you don’t miss a court date and have all the necessary documentation that is requested from you.

To better understand which district your county falls under, below is a breakdown for you.


1st Judicial District

Box Elder County

Cache County

Rich County


2nd Judicial District

Davis County

Morgan County

Weber County


3rd Judicial District

Salt Lake County

Summit County

Tooele County


4th Judicial District

Juab County

Millard County

Utah County

Wasatch County


5th Judicial District

Beaver County

Iron County

Washington County


6th Judicial District

Garfield County

Kane County

Piute County

Sanpete County

Sevier County

Wayne County


7th Judicial District

Carbon County

Emery County

Grand County

San Juan County


8th Judicial District

Daggett County

Duchesne County

Uintah County


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