A young security guard working for an armored car company finds his life turned upside down due to stringent gun laws in the state of New Jersey.

SteffonJosey-Davis has a clean record and has never gotten in any trouble with the law in the past but that fact has not done much to deter his conviction as a felon.

An unfortunate chain of events has crushed the dreams of this young, law-abiding citizen who was aspiring to be a police officer.

The incident began when he was getting ready to leave his New Jersey residence to report for duty as a security guard/driver for an armored car company that is responsible for the safe transport of cash money and other valuables to and from banks. Davis claims he was unloading his handgun, which he owned legally, inside his car when his little sister made her way to the garage and startled him. Davis quickly shoved the hand gun in the glove compartment of his car so as to put the weapon out of sight of the little girl.

It was legal for Davis to own the gun but not carry it

Davis claims he slipped up and totally forgot that he had placed the gun there. Later that night, he was pulled over by the police while driving in Highland Park for an expired registration. At this point, Davis remembered about the handgun and he told the officer that had pulled him over about it and handed it over to him.

He was given a citation for the expired registration and asked to collect the handgun the next morning from the Highland Park Police Department. However, when he went to the Police Department the next morning with the receipts for his firearm he was put in handcuffs and arrested for unlawful possession of a firearm.

So you can buy a gun legally but then you cannot carry it?

Even though the young man had legally purchased the firearm after going through all the necessary background checks he still did not have a permit to carry it. He has pleaded guilty to the charge and has now made an application to the state governor for pardon and awaits verdict. Where are you Chris Christie? Make this happen!

Meanwhile, his criminal defense attorney argues that this is a case of a law abiding, young man that comes from a good family being made a criminal due to poorly written gun laws.

His criminal defense attorney has also bought up the point that between August 2013 and February 2014, the state had a firearm amnesty in effect, which essentially means that Davis should be exempt from such charges.

New Jersey finally voids part of its bias intimidation law

New Jersey’s bias intimidation law was the only one of its kind in the entire nation and has finally been ruled unconstitutional by the state after recent criticism of the rule.

The issue with the law was that it was very vaguely worded. Going by the rule, it would not be possible for the perpetrator to know whether heshe was committing a crime or not because that depended on the perception of the victim.

This could mean that the DharunRavi who was convicted infamously on the basis of bias intimidation in 2012, could see his conviction reversed. This is wonderful because he should have never been convicted in the first place.

Ravi had used a video camera to spy on his roommate engaging in sexual activity with another man during his time at Rutgers University, consequentially his roommate jumped off a bridge and killed himself. You should not do things you are that ashamed of.