In many cases, criminals are obviously aware that what they’re doing is against the law. Theft, murder, and driving while intoxicated are all clear examples. However, there are some crimes which are somewhat obscure, and individuals may not even be aware that they’re breaking the law when they commit these acts. Many of these crimes are Class B misdemeanors in New York, which means that the consequences are relatively minor. Even still, you should be aware of these consequences if you are facing charges.

Defending yourself against Class B misdemeanor charges becomes much easier with the assistance of a qualified, experienced criminal defense attorney in New York. These legal professionals can help you avoid jail time and an addition to your permanent criminal record.

Here are some unexpected Class B misdemeanors:

Unlawful Possession of Certain Ammunition Feeding Devices

In New York, it is illegal to own ammunition feeding devices that extend a firearm’s capacity to more than seven rounds. If it is your first offense, you will face only a fine of $200. Subsequent offenses will be considered Class B misdemeanors, resulting in a maximum

Possession of Graffiti Instruments

If you possess “tools, instruments, articles, substances, compounds, or solutions” commonly used to etch graffiti, you will face a Class B misdemeanor – as long as there is evidence that suggests you intended to use these items to etch graffiti.

Misconduct by Corporate Official

There are many reasons why a corporate official might be charged with misconduct. These include:

  • Making an illegal dividend
  • Illegally withdrawing, dividing, or paying stockholders
  • Illegally using corporate funds to purchase shares in that corporation
  • Illegally issuing an increase of capital stock beyond the amount of capital stock available

There are other examples of misconduct by a corporate official, but many of these offenses will result in a Class B misdemeanor charge.

Issuing a Bad Check

Something as simple as issuing a bad check can also land you in jail. If you issue a check while knowing you have insufficient funds, you will be charged with a Class B misdemeanor.


Although it might seem quite archaic, adultery is still a crime in New York. Whether you’re cheating on your spouse or cheating with someone who is already married, you face a Class B misdemeanor if you engage in adultery.

What are the Penalties for Class B Misdemeanors?

If you are convicted of a Class B misdemeanor, you face a prison sentence of three months or one year of probation. You may also face a fine of up to $500, or a fine twice the amount of the gain from your crime.

Enlist the Help of a Qualified Attorney Today

If you’ve been searching the New York area for a qualified, experienced criminal defense attorney, look no further than Darren DeUrso, Attorney at Law. We have considerable experience with a wide range of criminal cases, including those involving Class B misdemeanor charges. With our help, you can put this entire debacle behind you and continue with your life in a dignified manner. Reach out and book your consultation today.



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