During a criminal proceeding, evidence will be brought forward to prove the guilt of the person put to trial. There are various rules and regulations put forward regarding what sort of evidence is considered valid in court and what sort of evidence is not allowed. For instance, a prosecutor can not use evidence that was obtained illegally.

According to the Williams Rule, prosecutors can use a person’s past criminal record to prove the intent of a person. If a person has committed similar crimes in the past and this is brought up in court it can have a huge negative impact on their case. Since prosecutors can bring up a person’s past criminal history in certain circumstances a person should make sure they have a strong and competent attorney fighting for their rights.

The good news is that a person’s criminal history can not be used to prove that they will likely commit a crime. In other words, the prosecutor cannot say the only reason they may commit a crime is that they have done so in the past. However, the Williams Rule allows a person to use past crimes to prove the intent, motive, plan, or knowledge of a person.

Any evidence that is used must meet specific requirements to be used. The state must file the intent to use the evidence beforehand a minimum of 10 days before the trial. The state must also describe the evidence they intend to use, and the defendant can opt to attend a hearing. To fight any criminal case, a person should get the help of a competent lawyer to help them with the legal procedure and to increase their chances of getting a favorable verdict in court.

If a person fears their previous criminal record will affect their current criminal case negatively, they should connect with an attorney to help them fight their case.

When to call a criminal defense attorney in Largo, Florida

A person should connect with a lawyer as soon as possible after hearing they are facing criminal charges, or they are under arrest. The sooner a person acts, the greater their chances are of having their case turn out in their favor. If a person makes the mistake of trying to defend themselves, they will likely say things that will make their situation much worse than it already is.

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