After an individual has been charged with a criminal offense in Largo, FL, they will be given the opportunity to appear before a judge. This first appearance before a judge is often referred as to an arraignment, not a trial. During the arraignment, a judge will decide whether the suspect should be awarded bail based on the crimes they have been charged with. Generally, if the individual has been charged with a horrific crime, poses as a threat to themselves or the public, or is a flight risk, they won’t award them bail.

If a judge decides to grant bail to a suspect, they shall set an amount in which the individual is required to pay. For example, a bail amount could range from a lower amount such as $500 or it could be set to $100,000 or even higher. Once the bail is set, the suspect or a friend or family member of theirs can pay the amount so they can be released until they are due back in court for trial. If the suspect complies with the requirement to return to court, the money shall be returned.

Now, because most individuals don’t have access to large sums of cash, many opt to satisfy the bail through a bail bondsman.


What is a bail bondsman?


A bail bondsman serves as a third party that agrees to pay the suspect’s bond in exchange for a percentage of it. Therefore, instead of a suspect having to pay the entire bond amount to be released, they would only pay the bail bondsman a percentage in which they keep. In exchange for this payment, the bail bondsman agrees to cover the full bail amount in the event the individual does not show up for trial.

If a suspect fails to show up, they will not only face criminal penalties, but the bail bondsman will likely pursue them for the money they had to pay to cover their entire bond amount.


Can a Largo, FL criminal defense lawyer help increase the chances of an individual being awarded bail?


When a suspect hires a criminal defense attorney in Largo to represent them, they may be able to help sway a judge’s decision to award bail as they can help show the individual does not pose as a threat to the community or themselves and is not a flight risk. However, because it is at the discretion of the judge whether or not they want to grant it, an attorney is not a guarantee that bail will be awarded.

If an individual was recently arrested in Largo, FL, or their friend or relative is facing criminal charges and they are looking for a Largo criminal defense attorney to represent them, they can contact Trevena, Pontrello & Associates. The defense lawyers at Trevena, Pontrello & Associates have the skill and experience needed to defend an individual’s rights and provide them with sound legal advice throughout the duration of their case.


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