Anyone who gets convicted of a crime and arrested in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, should familiarize themselves with the bail process as they might find themselves in the need to utilize this system. Firstly, individuals convicted of a crime must understand what bail is. Bail is the money that is deposited with the court that is used to secure a person’s release from jail. The reason bail is set is so that the accused individual will appear at future court sessions.

Many individuals have a question of how much their bail will be. The court will set bail based on a variety of factors, including a person’s:

  • Age
  • Criminal history
  • Prior records of failing to appear in court
  • The seriousness of their crime

In some cases, a person may even be released without bail. In these cases, a person will request an O.R. release. In this release, a person promises that they will appear for future court proceedings and a judge will select the conditions for the release.

If a person is looking to bail out someone that they know then they may be able to bail them out right after their arrest based on how serious their criminal charges were. Individuals can pay the bail to the court or they can hire a bail bond company to do it on their behalf. It is important to note that not everyone is eligible for bailing a person out of jail.  A person must have proper I.D. and they must also be over 18 years old as well.

Hiring a criminal defense lawyer in Fort Lauderdale, Florida

The importance of hiring a criminal defense attorney to help a person after their arrest cannot be emphasized enough. Though a person can try and represent themselves, this is not recommended as criminal charges can be overly complex.  Anyone who skips out on getting a good lawyer may end up losing their case and being compelled to face life-changing penalties. The more serious a person’s crime was, the more reasons they have for connecting with a qualified criminal defense attorney. Florida has a ‘three strikes’ law which is also known as the habitual offender law.

If a person has previous convictions, then they will face more serious legal consequences. Particularly, if a person was previously convicted of a felony two or more times, their next time getting convicted will result in them undergoing a much stricter judgment. Also, if a person commits a violent crime again within 5 years of their previous offense, they will be held to a harsher standard the next time they are in front of a judge as well.

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