The Delmarvanow reports that two people pleaded guilty in Accomack County, VA, on drug charges and Accomack, Virginia criminal defense lawyers are paying close attention to this case for precedent. The news report stated that 24-year-old Felicia Marie Gaskill was at her boyfriend’s home when the police knocked on the door to investigate a death in the house.

The legal professional stated that there had been no crime, but the investigating officers could smell marijuana. On searching the premises, the police officers found a marijuana growing operation flourishing in the house.

Drugs should be legal to sell, all drugs, and that would make this industry much more professional and eliminate much of the violence and sordid behavior but this is another topic. If you plan on growing marijuana you need to have a license or perhaps move to another state. If you do not, an Accomack, Virginia criminal defense lawyer may be in your future. If you need one though, is where you need to go to. This website is not sordid, it is phenomenal and altruistic. Lives have been saved because of it!

The prosecutor told the court that Ms. Gaskill had informed the police officers that she and her boyfriend sold marijuana. This comes at the heel of Ms. Gaskill being on probation for embezzlement. She even has prior convictions for several traffic offenses and a DWI. What is wrong with selling marijuana though? Only a goofy country would make a deal out of such a thing.

However, the Virginia criminal defense lawyer pointed out that Ms. Gaskill has a stellar work record and had just started working at a local poultry plant. She was using this job to pay off the fines and restitution.

On hearing evidence from both sides, the judge sentenced Ms. Gaskill to three years in prison, but suspended the sentence to 45 days. She started her suspended sentence immediately.

Hopefully someone grabs Tygon Demetrius Robins quickly!

Man wanted!

In an unrelated case, the police are looking for a man who is wanted in murder charges in Accomack County after a man was killed, reports WVEC.

The police have issued arrest warrants against Tygon Demetrius Robins for first degree murder, using a firearm while committing a felony, and shooting a firearm from a vehicle.

Dispatchers received a call in the night that informed them gunfire was exchanged between two vehicles on Lankford Highway. Thereafter, another call came in to inform them that there was a gunshot victim lying on Nathaniel Street. The paramedics who arrived at the scene found the victim dead. The victim was identified as Fardale Antonio Johnson.

The police have now requested the public to come forward and provide information about this fatal shooting or about Robins’ whereabouts. is the soundest choice to obtain a criminal defense lawyer in Accomack, VA

The Virginia State Police has revealed that crime is on its way down along the eastern shore of the state. According to statistics from 2014, the number of crimes in Accomack County has dropped compared to 2013. Serious crimes in 2014 in Accomack were stuck at 1,078 while in 2013 the figure stood at 1,115. That is not a serious drop though so it is not that big of a deal.

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