Bullying is a serious and punishable crime and many Sacramento, CA criminal defense lawyers are called upon when teens and others committing the act are arrested.

We hear about bullying occurring in our schools far too often. While some cases display more severe incidents, it’s impossible to compare how being bullied makes someone feel as everyone handles the abuse differently and is affected in their own way. Unfortunately, bullying is a recurring issue that doesn’t seem to go away no matter how many lectures are given, but it is actually a chargeable crime in California. And maybe, if more teens are aware of this, they will refrain from engaging in such behavior to avoid getting themselves into trouble.

Many cases of bullying have often resulted in teen suicide.

Over the years, the act of bullying has led to teen suicides and resulted in several teens who are forced to live out an unhappy life simply because someone else can’t seem to treat them with the respect and dignity they deserve. While many cases of bullying used to be situations we just heard about, now, social media and many other news outlets have allowed citizens to physically see what some of these cases actually look like as bystanders often take footage and post it on their social media platform.

Social Media Exposed Two Teens for Bullying Another Peer

While it is only natural to picture a bully as someone who stands out from the crowd, that isn’t always the case. In a recent news broadcast provided by Fox 40 News, several teen boys were captured on video pushing another student to the ground and prohibiting him from walking away from a fight they were trying to engage him in. It is said that the boys attended Elliot Alternative Education Center in Modesto and even Beyer High School as well. And when fellow classmates saw the video, their reactions displayed that they “didn’t know they were like that.”

The video footage was taken in a neighborhood just a half-mile away from Beyer High School and once the school district got hold of it, they contacted local police. The 17-year old who was involved was arrested for making criminal threats and conspiracy and the 16-year old was arrested for battery as well as making criminal threats.  While the two probably expected to walk away from that incident feeling tough and untouched, now they are going to be needing to hire a California criminal defense attorney to help explain their side of the story to a judge.

What are the Consequences for Bullying in the State of California?

It all depends on the circumstances surrounding the crime. Physical abuse, verbal comments, and other acts done would determine the type of charges someone would see if they committed the crime. But, to learn more about this and other chargeable crimes in the state of California, you can contact a Sacramento criminal defense attorney at the Linda Louder Law Office today by calling 916-389-2943.