There are two main classifications of crimes in Fort Myers, Florida. These categories are misdemeanor crimes and felony crimes. The types of crimes are divided based on their severity, with misdemeanor crimes being less serious and felony crimes causing the most damage and harm to their victims. Apart from these two classifications, a person may also be brought to the police station for a non-criminal violation which means an offense that is not given any criminal charges. For such cases, a person may have to carry out a civil remedy or pay a fine to make up for the harm they caused.

Out of all the crimes a person can commit, the worst one is a Capitol Felony for which they can face life imprisonment or the death penalty. And one of the lightest crimes one can commit is a misdemeanor of the second degree which can cost them up to $500 in fines and 60 days in jail.

The different types of crimes that a person can commit under these classifications include:

Anyone who commits these crimes will need the legal assistance of a qualified lawyer to help them reduce their charges and to get help through the criminal process. Most individuals overlook how nerve-racking it is to be in a courtroom in front of a judge being asked various questions. A legal representative can speak on a person’s behalf in a courtroom with all the correct legal references in mind, and they can make it easier for the charged individual to get through their difficult time.

When should a criminal defense attorney be contacted in Fort Myers, Florida?


Lawyers who specialize in defending individuals who have been accused of a crime can be invaluable to a person’s criminal case. Individuals should reach out to a lawyer as early on as possible. Right after a confrontation with a police officer or right when a person believes they are going to be arrested, they should connect with an attorney to reduce their chances of saying something that can make their situation worse.

No one should have to fight their case alone, and no matter how difficult the situation looks, a person should not hesitate in reaching out to a lawyer right away to see what can be done to turn matters in their favor and to prevent them from unjustly being charged.

Get in touch with a criminal defense attorney at the Law Office of Robert Foley as soon as possible to begin working on one’s criminal case with the hope of a brighter future.

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