Once a person is arrested for a domestic violence crime in Florida, they will need to get in contact with a qualified criminal defense lawyer as soon as possible to get legal representation and to decrease their chances of facing severe penalties for the crime they are being accused of.

For individuals who are accused of committing a domestic violence crime, the best route of action they can take is to fight their charges, have them dropped as soon as possible, and then have their record expunged. Every case is different and if a person is not eligible to have their charges dropped or expunged then a different route will be taken to reduce their charges by as much as possible.

In Florida, domestic violence cases are taken very seriously, and they are not seen as a private matter but rather as a criminal act. Domestic violence cases are prosecuted as criminal cases to help protect the victims of the abuse as much as possible. During a domestic violence case, the State Attorney’s Office will perform a proper investigation on the history of the defendant that explores any prior arrests of violence whether domestic or nondomestic. They will also check for prior complaints or repeat violence filed against the individual in question.

Taking the correct steps after getting arrested in Orlando, Florida

Anyone who was injured during the process of their arrest or the incident of violence should make sure they take pictures of the injuries as soon as possible to ensure they have some form of evidence to show. A person should preserve this evidence and any other evidence that can prove they are not entirely guilty for the incident or to prove they are unjustly being accused of the crime.

Apart from documenting evidence, a person should also make sure they follow any no-contact provisions put forth and they should not have any contact with the victim of the case. Individuals should follow this provision very closely and they should not even go home to collect any personal belongings with an officer with them. If a person wants to remove the no-contact provision, they will need their lawyer to file a motion to have this done.

Once a person is arrested for a crime, they will have to follow all the legal details, so they do not make matters worse for themselves. Speak to a criminal defense lawyer at the Law Office of Donald Lykkebak as soon as possible to get advice and to turn one’s criminal case around for the better.

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