Desperation can often lead us down a risky path that may end up leaving us in a situation worse than the one we were initially in. We often become desperate to lead a healthier lifestyle when an illness strikes, or commit ourselves in actions to obtain more money when we no longer have a sense of financial stability and our bills simply can no longer be paid. While a desperate person can in fact use their unhappiness and unwanted circumstances to pull themselves out of the rut they are in, others manage to dig themselves in a deeper hole as they become too consumed in searching for help to better their situation.

Criminal defense lawyers in Washington highlight a case that has yet to be solved involving a psychic who has managed to sweep up more than $200 million in scams. CNN Money highlighted some details of the case on March 1,2016, and there is even a site that has been set up to follow the ongoing investigation to determine whether or not the person behind this crime is in fact real, or comprised of scam artists.

Her name is Maria Duval, and she seems to have the secret all individuals find themselves yearning for that can turn their life around and take away the misery and struggles they have been faced with. Unfortunately, as many have witnessed, there are numerous physic scams being conducted nationwide, and while their promise seems legitimate, they do in fact require a payment for their “advice “and help.  This particular scheme involves this woman who sends out a letter claiming she can in fact provide all the assistance a person requires.

The case itself has many baffled as there is no trace as to where the letters sent from Maria Duval are in fact coming from. One thing is for sure, and that is should those behind the scheme be identified, they will be needing some major legal representation from a worthy criminal defense attorney seeing just how much money they managed to swindle from innocent citizens across the country.

CNN money also highlighted some stories and just how gullible people have become when desperation strikes and they feel they have no where to turn. One victim, who was under the impression Maria Duval was real, wrote to her apologizing for neglecting to write back due to their financial struggle they were dealing with. Another victim, who suffered from Alzheimer’s, was sending in $139 a month for these “services.”

While the mystery continues on, Washington criminal defense legal representatives are certain those working behind the scheme are in for a big surprise once they are revealed. Not only are they guilty of stealing people’s money by promising they can provide them with something they merely are not able to, those involved are also going to be faced with the offense of mail fraud.  Either way, the criminal charges they will face are going to be endless, and harsh.