Spousal issues that take place in your home are generally referred to as “your personal business.” There are times when you and your spouse may find yourselves in a heated disagreement. Should your disagreement heighten into an argument and involve aggressive behavior, you could ultimately be looking at a situation identified as domestic violence. Criminal defense attorneys in Fort Myers are well aware of the many cases of domestic violence that occur all too often.

Spousal abuse is crime that is taken quite seriously, and whether it truly is a case of abuse, you are looking at possible jail time, with risks of losing privileges you may once have taken for granted. The charge also depends on the severity of the abuse, whether a minor was present, or if other infringements took place, such as the violation of a restraining order.

According to the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence, provided below are some different types of domestic violence that can occur

  • Willful intimidation
  • Sexual assaults
  • Physical assaults
  • Battery
  • Verbal abuse including discouragement
  • The constant reminder that you are not good enough

Should you find yourself in a state of anger, causing your disagreement to intensify, follow these helpful tips to avoid a case of domestic violence, which could eventually develop in a criminal charge.

You can start by

  • Refraining from yelling or screaming
  • Pushing
  • Throwing objects
  • Actions that cause physical harm
  • Retaliate by saying hurtful things or using profanity

If you found yourself in a situation where you may or may not be guilty of inflicting abuse to your spouse or partner, contact a domestic abuse criminal defense lawyer in Fort Myers, Florida who is knowledgeable in the field of domestic abuse. Remember to remove yourself from the situation involving abuse, whether it be physical or emotional by either stepping outside or leaving for a few hours until the situation has calmed down.

The trauma that a victim of domestic violence has to endure can take years to recover from. Not only do they have to gain back their courage and confidence, but they need to learn how to trust others. In a case where you may have allowed your argument to escalate, and have a criminal charge on your hands, know that the domestic abuse legal representatives at USAttorneys.com are only a click away to help fight for your innocence in your case.