The statute of limitations was put in place by the government to put time limits on how much time a person has to file criminal charges. If a person files a criminal charge against someone after the deadline, then the person being prosecuted can simply have the case dismissed.

The amount of time a person has to file a claim varies based on what type of crime took place. Violent crimes often have longer statutes, and some crimes have no limitation due to the gravity of the act. Civil cases and criminal cases also have different limitations based on the state.

Some criminal time limits are as follows:

  • Four years for a first-degree felony
  • Three years for a second- or third-degree felony
  • One year for second-degree misdemeanor crimes

If a person is accused of a crime after the time limit passes, they can have the claim dismissed and they will not be required to pay the legal penalties that would have otherwise been mandated. Each case is different, and a person should speak with a criminal defense lawyer as soon as possible to learn about whether they have exceeded the statute of limitations or not.

When Should a Criminal Defense Attorney be Called in Orlando, Florida?

Dealing with the legal system can be very intimidating. Anyone who is being accused or charged with a crime should contact a lawyer as soon as possible. Before selecting just any lawyer, a person should make sure their attorney has experience in the relevant field and they are used to working with criminal cases.

The sooner a person gets legal help, the better it is for the legalities of their case, and the greater their chances are of succeeding in turning the case in their favor. If a person tries to represent themselves, matters will likely head south quickly. The pressure of dealing with the law is enough to confuse a person on its own, trying to figure out the legalities of the situation alongside the emotional pressure is a lot more complicated and time-consuming than most people think.

Since there is so much on the line concerning criminal cases a person should speak with a private lawyer who has the time and resources on hand to completely dedicate themselves to a person’s case. It may be more expensive to work with a private criminal lawyer, but they will be able to provide invaluable help, information, and support during this difficult time.

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