Find A Local Tennessee Criminal Defense Lawyer

Being faced with a criminal charge can be a confusing time for any individual. There are so many concerns running through your mind and you may not be clear on what you should and shouldn’t be doing. Some questions you may have include:

  • Will I go to jail?
  • How serious are my charges?
  • What penalties am I up against for the crime I committed?
  • Is there any way I can avoid being charged?


It is only natural for someone who has been arrested and is awaiting their court date to worry about the questions above. But if you are looking for answers to these questions or you are a relative who is seeking this information for someone you love or care about, our criminal defense attorneys in Tennessee featured on our site may be able to provide these answers to you.

One of the most beneficial actions you can take given your particular circumstance is to hire a defense lawyer in your city who has years’ worth of experience and can determine what needs to be done to help get you off the hook. While some charges can be thrown out, others are reduced.


Local Rules of Practice for Twenty-Sixth Judicial District

With the numerous amount of ideas floating through your mind right now, it can be hard to make sense of everything going on. To better help you become prepared and understand how certain things are expected to go, below are some local rules that are implemented in Madison, Chester, and Henderson Counties. Keep in mind that each judicial district has their own set of rules they abide by.


Rule 3. Assignment and Disposition

3.02-Once a case has been assigned, all matters in the case will be heard in that division.

3.03- When necessary for the efficient administration of justice, a Judge may hear and determine any matter by interchange for another Judge without the necessity of transferring the case from one court to another or from one division to another.


Rule 4. Court Sessions and Courtroom Procedure

  • Court sessions may be held Monday through Fridays. The court may convene at any time as is necessary for the hearing of causes specially set.
  • All papers shall be handed to the Judge or Chancellor by the sheriff as no attorney shall approach the bench or witness stand except when directed by the Judge or Chancellor.
  • All attorneys and court attendants shall be appropriately dressed during court sessions


Going into that courtroom can be rather initiating, especially when you don’t have someone familiar with the law on your side to back your case and ensure your rights as a citizen are upheld. It is time you take action, learn your rights, and prepare for your case. Give us a call today and we will gladly connect you with a reputable defense attorney in TN today.