Criminal defendants in Florida can potentially end up in one of three different court systems

Fort Lauderdale, FL - The nature of a criminal charge and developing a defense can change drastically based on the type of case in question and the court system that will be handling all of these matters. In addition to state criminal courts,…

People accused of domestic violence in Florida have several options for defending against the charges

Fort Lauderdale, FL - Domestic violence cases can have serious consequences in the state of Florida. This can include jail time for the defendant, probation, and orders to keep away from certain family members. However, there is also the opportunity…

How serious is a misdemeanor charge in Fort Lauderdale, Florida?

Although criminal charges vary by type and degree, all are serious matters, even crimes that are classified as a misdemeanor. Although misdemeanor crimes are considered less serious than felony crimes, they do carry some stiff penalties and…