Suspect is seen stealing items from retail store in Punta Gorda area

Punta Gorda, FL – Many people in Florida are prosecuted for stealing. Retail theft has become a source of great loss for businesses, however suspects are not always caught or prosecuted because of the limited amount of resources that the government can devote to apprehending thieves. Even if a person is arrested, their defense attorney may be able to keep them out of jail or negotiate a favorable plea deal. However, there is also the possibility that thefts of a large amount can put a person in prison for over a year because these crimes can be charged as felonies. 

NBC 2 reported on a theft that happened in a retail store on the Gulf Coast of Florida [1].

Man is recorded stealing large amounts of merchandise from Victoria’s Secret

The incident happened in Estero, Florida, which is just south of Fort Myers and Punta Gorda. The man was spotted on surveillance footage stealing approximately $1300 worth of merchandise from a Victoria’s Secret retail store on Fashion Drive in Coconut Point. Southwest Florida Crime Stoppers had asked the public to call with any information about the identity of the suspect or the crime. The picture published in the news report showed a male suspect wearing a white hooded sweatshirt and baseball cap. 

Theft crimes in Florida

The state can either charge crimes for stealing as a misdemeanor or felony depending on the value of the items. The legislature has set the amount of $750 as the value of items that must be stolen for the defendant to be charged with felony grand theft. However, even though a person can potentially go to prison for a year or more for a felony charge, there is no guarantee that their sentence will include jail time or even that they will be convicted if there is an arrest. It is common for retail stores to not send the proper witnesses to court, and many theft cases end in plea details that may include fines and restitution rather than prison time. An experienced defense attorney can review the case and any relevant evidence, then advise their client regarding the best possible course of action and chances of a dismissal or reduced charges. 

Criminal defense lawyers in Florida

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