For the prosecution, a doctor who has committed four murders within 5 years to avenge his dismissal seems like the premise of a case that they simply cannot afford to lose. On the other hand, for criminal defense attorneys it may be extremely difficult to vindicate a client of a very heinous crime and prove him not guilty of his charges. The shocking allegations are so atrocious that the case may be biased from inception.

 According to an report, the accused in this case is former doctor Anthony Garcia who allegedly killed Shirlee Sherman and 11 year old Thomas Hunter in March of 2008. Furthermore, he has been suspected to have slayed Dr. Roger Brumback and his spouse Mary on Mother’s Day in 2013. His least sinister charge is that of attempted burglary. Apparently he watched an asinine horror movie too many times called Dr. Giggles.

Former Creighton University doctor accused of having knifed 4 people to death within 5 years

Garcia’s criminal defense attorneys are expected to request Judge Duane Doughtery for separate trials for the separate incidents and then work towards tactfully disintegrating the allegations made against Garcia in each trial step by step. The reason for this request according to the defense is that the jury may be overwhelmed by the allegations and could develop an unfair bias right at the start if all three crimes are tried in a single case.

The prosecution on the other hand has accused Garcia of having murdered four people just for the sake of revenge. They say he developed a deeply ingrained grudge after he was terminated from Creighton University Medical Center.


Garcia is a complete loser and could not pass his training classes

Are the jurors going to send an innocent doctor to jail for the rest of his life or are they going to put a cold-blooded child murderer back on the streets? There are hardworking and reliable lawyers that are local found on the comprehensive legal site known as Someone like Garcia needs all the help he can get.

Allegedly, Garcia had used house knives from the homes of his victims to ruthlessly cut open their carotid and jugular veins. He is said to have also shot one of his victims three times.

The defense is expected to request Judge Doughtery to prohibit the prosecution from calling upon criminal expert Tom Bevel from testifying about the similarities between the 2008 slayings and the 2013 slayings. Everyone Garcia killed had something to do with his firing.

Nebraska Police Officer charged with misdemeanor for receiving oral sex in exchange for not arresting a woman

A Nebraska State Officer entered a plea deal with the prosecution and will not have to register as a sex offender as part of his plea deal. The officer confessed to having pulled over a 19-year old girl and taking her to the back of his cop car and ordering her to perform oral sex on him in exchange for not arresting her because she possessed marijuana, according to a PINAC report.

The guilty, former Douglas County deputy, Cory Cooper, was fired from the department and will have to serve a six month jail term for his crimes. Initially, he faced a potential 25-year charge for felony sexual assault. So in a way, he has been let off easy. Even though he has been fired from his job, Cooper is still technically certified as a law enforcement officer in the state. How is that? Very odd.

The benefit of a criminal defense attorney

According to an Omaha criminal defense attorney, anyone facing criminal charges ought to seek immediate assistance from an experienced attorney to protect their rights. For the most part, if convicted, the consequences can be devastating with the prospects of fines, imprisonment, and social stigma. The criminal defense attorney will conduct a preliminary investigation into the facts to determine the right defense strategy and ensure a fair outcome.