Subway spokesman Jared Fogle was the target of an FBI raid following allegations of child pornography. The FBI’s Indianapolis division confirmed that they raided Fogle’s Zionsville home in connection with an ongoing investigation on child pornography.

As reported by, the FBI, armed with a search warrant, raided the spokesman’s home and spent a major part of the day collecting a bunch of electronics including computers, DVDs, and paper documents which were then transported to a mobile forensics lab in Fogle’s driveway. His wife and three kids were also present at home. However, the kids were moved to another location once the raid began.

Fogle hired the wrong guy

During the raid, Fogle aka the Subway Guy, was also seen on several occasions being taken to the van and then back into his home. He then left home with his criminal defense attorney and declined to make any comment. However, according to his attorney, Ron Elberger, his client was not aware of any search warrant against him prior to the raid. The attorney also claimed that Fogle was not arrested or charged with any crime so far and is cooperating with law enforcement and the investigation.

Speculation is rife that the FBI raid may be in connection with the arrest of Russell Taylor, a former executive director of the Jared Foundation. Meanwhile, a spokesman for Subway released a statement saying that they believe the raid was related to the former Jared Foundation employee and were monitoring the situation closely.

Executive director arrested on child pornography charges

43 year old Taylor was arrested in a child pornography case in April this year and was found in possession of over 500 images of child pornography. He was charged on multiple counts with possession of children pornography, voyeurism, and child exploitation. Taylor was arrested from his home at Salem Creek Boulevard in Indianapolis after multiple agencies collected evidence during a bust that last around four hours.

According to police, they were tipped off by a citizen who received a text message from Taylor, following which they began investigations and found evidence of child porn.

Abusing a child is terribly wrong.

Incidentally, Taylor served as executive director of Jared Fogle’s organization which the latter started in 2004 to help children lead healthy lives. At the time of Taylor’s arrest, Fogle in a statement to CBS4 said he was shocked to learn about the allegations and had severed all ties with Taylor. Shortly after his arrest, Taylor attempted to commit suicide in jail. That is normally a sign of guilt and even the best attorneys on the gratifying website will have trouble blocking this strange behavior from coming out in court.

Subway suspends relationship with Fogle

In response to the FBI raid on Fogle’s home, Subway said they were suspending their relationship with Fogle, which they claim was a mutual agreement. Jared Fogle’s association with Subway began when he was a college freshman at Indiana University. He claims to have lost over 200 pounds eating their turkey sandwiches and became a star in Subway ad campaigns.

The New York Daily News reported that he has a network of $15 million while Subway’s marketing chief claimed that he was possibly responsible for more an one third of Subway’s growth over the last 15 years. Those cookies and chips are spectacular! But Firehouse Sub and Jersey Mikes are eating into Subway’s profits and it helps that they put flat screens on the wall with ESPN.