As soon as a person has their first encounter with a police officer, they must understand that anything they say may be used against them so they should proceed with caution. The unfortunate truth is that most people do not realize how easily their statements can be used against them in a criminal case. Since most people are unaware, they proceed with speaking freely to the officer in a manner which they think is good for their case, when in reality they are just making their situation a lot worse.

It is vital to note that being disrespectful to an officer during the arrest is completely out of the question, and as hard as it is to control one’s reaction at that time, a person should try their best to comply with the officers while showing as much respect as possible. If a person is screaming or the officer believes they may be dangerous and they may have a weapon on them they will turn to serious action and use more force during the arrest.

To avoid getting into a situation where the officers have an excuse to use force to arrest a person, individuals should speak with as much respect as possible and they should avoid making any sudden moves. Individuals should also tell the officers that they would like to speak to their attorney before giving away too many details of their case. A legal expert in criminal defense can guide a person through the process of what they should say and what they should avoid saying to make their legal situation better.

What Can a Criminal Defense Attorney Do in Fort Myers, Florida?

A criminal defense lawyer will protect a person’s rights and may even be able to prevent a person’s case from going to arraignment. An attorney can negotiate with the other party and have certain evidence thrown out because of the illegal nature it was obtained. If a person decides not to contact an attorney, they may end up facing severe charges or being blamed for a crime that they did not even commit.

A person will know they are being arrested if the officers make it clear that a person does not have the right to leave their custody. If a person is arrested, they should contact an attorney for proper legal advice that can help them get out of their situation.

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