Criminal defense lawyers in Florida are reaching out and encouraging those who are preparing to celebrate their time off from school to think before acting to ensure no mistakes are made. While many college students plan extravagant trips to break free from the long days of school and nights that drag with studying, the temptation spring break brings along with it can not only leave some with regrets, but also facing possible criminal charges. Though this time is one many look forward to, individuals will find it in their best interest to take precaution when attempting to visit one of the most popular places to celebrate spring break-Florida.

While this time is indeed a wonderful time to explore the beaches, and take exotic trips to unknown territory, many find themselves entangled in situations that lead to the need to hire a criminal defense legal representative. Florida is not only known for its diverse population, but also for the many locations that cater to those trying to enjoy their spring break vacation.

With the large crowds, intoxicated individuals, and the several thousands of people fighting their way through to get to the next location to ensure they enjoy their time off, many unfortunate incidents occur. For one reason or another, it seems as though people forget how to conduct themselves in the appropriate manner they are expected to do so, and wind up committing a crime they initially had no intention of doing.

Criminal defense attorneys in Florida share with you some of the reported crimes highlighted in The Washington Times that transpired during spring break back in 2015, and can only hope these offenses decrease in severity as well as the number of accounts that occur.

  • Rape- One night alone there were 3 rapes reported in Panama City.
  • Disorderly Conduct-Having one too many drinks can often lead to individuals over expressing themselves and behaving in an inappropriate manner. 
  • Shootings-Many travelers have gun permits, hence, they travel with their weapon. Sometimes, when individuals consume too much to drink, they could very well pull out their weapon and use it during unnecessary circumstances.
  • Drug Usage- Sheriff McKeithen, who is an officer in Panama City, stated that the severity of drug usage has increased as it started with marijuana, and now many individuals are caught with the possession of heroin, or are under the influence of the drug itself.
  • Burglaries- A 93-year-old man was beaten as his home was burglarized by an individual who was vacationing for spring break.

In Panama City, Florida, the population last year jumped from 12,000 to over 100,000 during the spring break timeframe, which can definitely be attributed to why so many incidents occurred.

With the known crimes that have been committed in the past, Florida criminal defense lawyers remind you to steer clear should you be heading out to enjoy your well deserved time off from school. While you are given the opportunity to relax and enjoy this free time, it is also important to be cognizant of the laws and appropriate behavior expected to be followed at all times.