NEW YORK – October 21, 2020

An experienced New York defense attorney can negotiate a reduced plea on a traffic matter that may save money, exempt drivers from driver’s school, stave off license suspension, or revocation and avoid criminal charges related to negative outcomes of speeding, or driving without a license, including accidents caused by reckless behavior.  When an attorney negotiates a plea for a reduction in charges, insurance increases and time in court may be spared.


Many people instinctively pay a traffic tickets shortly after issuance by an officer, but this could lead to points on driving records; problems with a license suspension, or revocation; and cost a large sum of money.  In addition, in some cases, until the ticket matter is settled, there may be interruptions to daily life for time out of work to go to driving school, attend court, or find alternate means of transportation, when a license is suspended.  Traffic penalties often cost more than just the amount of a ticket. For example, a reckless driving charge can cause insurance premiums to go up by 22% in some cases, and driving without a license can increase premiums with higher rates enforced for up to seven years. With those figures in mind, average premium costs can be at least $3,500 at approximately $500 for seven years. A ticket defense firm can assist drivers in many cases.


Speeding is a traffic offense in New York. A speeding ticket is costly and can cause your insurance premiums to go up based on the accumulation of points on your license. In addition, if your insurance company considers you high risk because of excessive tickets, your insurance is dropped completely.

However, the issuance of a ticket does not mean a driver is guilty of speeding, and there may be extenuating circumstances for driving with an expired license.  In any case of traffic tickets, individuals should call on an experienced ticket defense attorney in New York.  If an accident occurred and a driver was ticketed for criminal behavior, such as reckless driving, or driving under the influence, legal counsel can be quite effective in plea bargaining, or proving innocence.

Hire a ticket defense attorney.

A knowledgeable criminal defense ticket attorney may be able to reduce charges by building a strong defense case utilizing supporting state and federal law.  Contact the Law Offices of Darren DeUrso to discuss case particulars regarding the negative impact of a traffic ticket for speeding, or other breaches in traffic law.

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