Parking in a handicap space without the proper identification is illegal and will indefinitely leave you with a fine if a police officer catches you in act. However, parking in a handicap spot without a permit and engaging in illegal activity isn’t the ideal situation anyone wants to be in. That’s where Phillip Katsabanis, aka Stiches, went wrong on January 26, 2017. According to Local 10 ABC News, Stitches had his Porsche parked in a handicap spot at a Whole Food Supermarket when a Miami Beach police officer noticed him. Because he didn’t have a permit placed on his vehicle, which is required by law, police were able to approach the vehicle.

Although Fox 32 reports that Stiches was attempting to pull his vehicle out of the unauthorized spot he was parked in, police already had a reason to pull him over. And because his face is easily recognizable with tattoos draw all over it, police more than likely wanted a reason to question and search his vehicle.

What Did Miami Beach Police Recover from the Vehicle?

Once police had a reason to approach Katsabanis, they asked whether or not he had a firearm on him. Although it may seem strange to ask a driver who was simply parked in a space if they have a weapon in their possession, the rapper has been seen flaunting firearms in his rap videos that stream online. Stiches denied having a weapon on him, but police later retrieved a 9 mm Glock handgun from the vehicle. Stiches apologized to the officers stating that he thought they were referring to whether or not he had a weapon on him, not in his vehicle. Unfortunately for Stiches, sorry isn’t going to be enough to get him off the hook for this felony charge.

Stiches may want to invest more time in contacting the Fort Lauderdale criminal defense attorneys at Leader & Leader, P.A. than worrying about his rap career for now.


Cannabis plants as an alternative cancer drug

Possession of Marijuana Isn’t Quite Legal Yet in the State of Florida

While Stiches is now going to have to put together a game plan to handle his concealed firearm charges, he is also facing yet another for possession of drugs. Miami Beach police also found a mason jar which was filled with 39.2 grams of marijuana and one oxycodone pill with no prescription. He also handed over a rolled up joint that was slightly burnt. Stiches had better contact a local defense attorney in South Florida quickly to ensure he is fully prepared for his court hearing that will soon be approaching.

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